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  • Install AutoIt and its various utilities
  • Automate external non-AutoIt Apps
  • Generate code using macro programming
  • Create Batch apps
  • Automate Windows installers
  • Learn how to manage databases
  • Understand Regular Expressions
  • Learn to make changes in your computer via Screen Pixel Triggers.
  • Automate Internet Explorer, Skype, and Microsoft Office, and control electronic AutoIt appliances

AutoIt is a freeware automation language for Microsoft Windows. It can be used to produce utility software for Microsoft Windows and automate common tasks, such as website monitoring, network monitoring, and disk defragging and backup.

Instant AutoIt Scripting Essentials How-to provides you with step-by-step recipes to create complex Windows GUI apps. You will ease your workload, program without hassle, and master everyday tasks. You will learn how to automate a wide range of manual tasks in Windows and other programs. Using this book, you will reach a high-level of programming performance in a small span of time. Tweak your apps and enhance your working system beyond your limitations.

Instant AutoIt Scripting Essentials How-to is a simple and concise guide that will teach you the essential knowledge necessary to start working with AutoIt. Using numerous examples and short step-by-step recipes on how to solve small problems, this book will help you to automate a very wide range of manual tasks in Windows and other programs, and you will soon realise how easy it is to create exciting programs.

The book has multiple examples that explain on AutoIt being a standalone application with no reliance on the runtimes. This book includes 4 levels of programming: the operating system, the windows register, typical user level programs and scripts, and automation of other non-AutoIt apps.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Read and write apps instantly using the AutoIt freeware programming language
  • Execute or compile scripts and share your own Unic software
  • Organise and automate mundane and repetitive tasks
  • Automate browser portables, external electronics, and your operating system
Page Count 60
Course Length 1 hours 48 minutes
ISBN 9781782165798
Date Of Publication 25 Jul 2013


Emilio Aristides de Fez Laso

Emilio Aristides de Fez Laso is a freelancer, developer, analyst, tester, and open source author. He is the admin, dev, and forum founder of, and works at the support desk under the name BasicOs.

Being an MS Basic and xBase programmer in the 80's, he started creating programs with a Casio Pocket Personal Computer (1 KB RAM, PB-100).

During the 80's and 90's, he worked on xBase, Access, MS Visual Basic, and other Basic-like programming languages. He has also worked as an xBase developer for government agencies. Later, he created customized apps for real estate agencies, lawyers, and others. He also created apps for fields such as Tourism, Accountancy, and Management.

In the last few years, he has worked on operating system migration and support. He also worked at the support desk for several government agencies and created automation and enterprise customized solutions. He has performed interactive programming with Autolt, Robotics, Automation and Interactive web pages, and Client/Server operating systems and interfaces. He has been a contributor to WordPress Duplicator Plugin development.

He is also a professional HR and organization psychologist. He has been interested in user iteration, friendly user interface development, social hacking, and anti-malware. He is keen to share knowledge and teach. He works on improving the user experience and human adaptation to computers and also on improving the quality of apps to get better reviews. He is an analyst who works on simplifying apps and on their improvement and testing. He also worked on several government projects, training mentally and physically handicapped people to learn computing since many years. He dreams of creating the right