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Want to learn web development? Packt's web development eBooks, print books, and video tutorials cover everything from JavaScript Web Development frameworks and libraries, to practical guidance on developing full-stack applications.

  1. 282 pages
    Build Your Own Web Framework in Elixir
    April 2022
    Use Elixir concepts such as metaprogramming to build maintainable web products with clean code
  2. 157 pages
    Customizing ASP.NET Core 6.0 - Second Edition
    January 2022
    Explore hidden behaviors and customization techniques to help you get the most out of ASP.NET Core when developing applications
  3. 257 pages
    HTTP/3 Explained
    December 2021
    Gain an overview of the evolution of HTTP, the QUIC protocol, technical advantages of HTTP/3, and how to migrate to the latest web protocols for the faster web
  4. 352 pages
    React Projects - Second Edition
    November 2021
    Learn how to develop real-world applications of varying complexity for the web, mobile, and VR devices using React, React Native, React 360, and more
  5. 287 pages
    Full-Stack Development with Angular and GraphQL
    November 2021
    Build full-stack scalable applications using Angular with GraphQL, Apollo, and Node.js and learn how to deploy them to the cloud
  6. 326 pages
    Full-Stack Web Development with GraphQL and React - Second Edition
    November 2021
    Unleash the power of GraphQL, React, Node, and Express to build a scalable and production-ready application from scratch for deployment on AWS
  7. 356 pages
    Real-World Next.js
    November 2021
    Learn how to use Next.js for building web apps without compromising on performance and user experience by getting hands-on with real-world projects
  8. 211 pages
    Rapid Product Development with n8n
    October 2021
    A web developer's guide to building prototypes and MVPs for digital products rapidly using real-world examples and case studies in n8n
  9. 420 pages
    The Art of Modern PHP 8
    October 2021
    Discover how to apply the principles of OOP, types, and package management the right way
  10. 198 pages
    Accelerating Angular Development with Ivy
    October 2021
    Get a comprehensive introduction to the major Angular framework rewrite known as Angular Ivy
  11. 337 pages
    Digital Marketing with Drupal
    October 2021
    Supercharge your digital marketing services by building your knowledge to become a skilled digital marketer with the power of Drupal
  12. 5 hours 17 minutes
    Complete Guide to Unit Testing in .NET Core (NUnit and xUnit) [Video]
    October 2021
    Master unit testing with NUnit, xUnit, and MOQ with a real-world N-Tier web application with the latest version of .NET Core 6 and EF Core
  13. 234 pages
    WebFlow by Example
    October 2021
    Build modern responsive websites without writing code by making the most of the power and flexibility of Webflow
  14. 362 pages
    Building Microservices with Micronaut®
    September 2021
    Explore different aspects of building modular microservices such as development, testing, maintenance, and deployment using the Micronaut framework
  15. 310 pages
    Python Microservices Development - Second Edition
    September 2021
    Use Python microservices to craft applications that are built as small standard units using proven best practices and avoiding common errors

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