PHP has, for a long time, been one of the defining languages of web development. So, if you want to understand the web in detail, learning PHP development is well worth your time.

Learn PHP with Packt’s range of PHP eBooks and videos. Whatever you want to build, and wherever you’re most comfortable across the application stack, PHP web development will give you a solid foundation to explore and advance.

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  1. 2 hours 39 minutes
    PHP Fundamentals 2019 [Video]
    April 2019
    Learn server-side development with PHP
  2. 3 hours 53 minutes
    Beginning PHP
    November 2018
    Master the latest features of PHP 7 and fully embrace modern PHP development
  3. 214 pages
    Beginning PHP
    July 2018
    Learn all the fundamentals of PHP with a book that blends theory with practice to build up the skills you need for modern web development.
  4. 278 pages
    Mastering The Faster Web with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript
    June 2018
    Make web applications run faster by using advanced PHP, SQL and JavaScript techniques
  5. 6 hours 38 minutes
    Object Oriented PHP and MVC [Video]
    May 2018
    Build a custom object-oriented PHP MVC framework and then build an application with it
  6. 244 pages
    Building RESTful Web Services with PHP 7
    September 2017
    Learn how to build RESTful API and web services in PHP 7
  7. 536 pages
    Mastering PHP 7
    June 2017
    Effective, readable, and robust codes in PHP
  8. 394 pages
    Domain-Driven Design in PHP
    June 2017
    Real examples written in PHP showcasing DDD Architectural Styles, Tactical Design, and Bounded Context Integration
  9. 340 pages
    PHP 7 Data Structures and Algorithms
    May 2017
    Increase your productivity by implementing data structures
  10. 392 pages
    PHP Microservices
    March 2017
    Transit from monolithic architectures to highly available, scalable, and fault-tolerant microservices
  11. 342 pages
    Functional PHP
    February 2017
    Uncover the secrets of functional programming with PHP to ensure your applications are as great as they can be
  12. 320 pages
    PHP 7 Programming Blueprints
    October 2016
    Learn how to exploit the impressive power of PHP 7 with this collection of practical project blueprints – begin building better applications for the web today!
  13. 5 hours 13 minute
    PHP Projects [Video]
    September 2016
    Build product ready applications and find real world solutions with PHP
  14. 270 pages
    Mastering PHP Design Patterns
    September 2016
    Develop robust and reusable code using a multitude of design patterns for PHP 7
  15. 610 pages
    PHP 7 Programming Cookbook
    August 2016
    Over 80 recipes that will take your PHP 7 web development skills to the next level!

Items 1-15 of 24

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