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  1. 388 pages
    Enterprise Augmented Reality Projects
    December 2019

    Design end-to-end AR solutions for domains such as marketing, retail, manufacturing, tourism, automation, and training

  2. 2 hours 34 minutes
    Hands-On Augmented Reality with ARCore and Unity [Video]
    May 2019
    Develop your own augmented reality applications using ARCore in Unity for Android devices
  3. 2 hours 35 minutes
    Augmented Reality projects with ARCore 1.6 [Video]
    January 2019
    Create cutting-edge AR and MR projects showcasing face detection, location-based AR, and gesture recognition using Google's ARCore 1.6
  4. 2 hours 20 minutes
    Hands-On ARCore Development [Video]
    October 2018
    Build new, efficient & scalable ARCore applications
  5. 9 hours 17 minutes
    The Complete ARKit Course - Build 11 Augmented Reality Apps [Video]
    October 2018
    Become an iOS Augmented Reality Developer by Building 11 High-Level AR Apps using ARKit in iOS 11 and Swift 4
  6. 358 pages
    Unity 2018 Augmented Reality Projects
    July 2018
    Create engaging Augmented Reality (AR) applications with Unity 3D that can be experienced with devices such as HoloLens and Daydream
  7. 3 hours 4 minutes
    Master ARCore 1.3 Unity SDK - Build 6 Augmented Reality Apps [Video]
    July 2018
    Create ARCore 1.3 augmented reality apps in Unity SDK from scratch to become an ARCore pro developer
  8. 1 hours 49 minutes
    Create Augmented Reality Apps using Vuforia 7 in Unity [Video]
    July 2018
    Learn from scratch on how to create augmented reality apps using Vuforia 7 and Unity SDs
  9. 274 pages
    Learn ARCore - Fundamentals of Google ARCore
    March 2018
    Create next-generation Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality apps with the latest version of Google ARCore
  10. 3 hours 3 minutes
    Building AR Applications with Unity and Vuforia [Video]
    February 2018
    Create interactive augmented reality experiences for iOS and Android and use AR for marketing, games, product visualization and more.
  11. 2 hours 09 minutes
    iOS Augmented Reality with ARKit [Video]
    January 2018
    A complete, hands-on guide to AR app development—from your first ARKit demo to sophisticated AR environments in Unity and Metal
  12. 4 hours 9 minutes
    Augmented Reality for JavaScript Developers [Video]
    November 2017
    Explore the limitless applications of AR
  13. 548 pages
    Augmented Reality for Developers
    October 2017
    Build exciting AR applications on mobile and wearable devices with Unity 3D, Vuforia, ARToolKit, Microsoft Mixed Reality HoloLens, Apple ARKit, and Google ARCore
  14. 406 pages
    Microsoft HoloLens By Example
    August 2017
    Get to grips with HoloLens development as you create mixed reality apps from scratch
  15. 394 pages
    Microsoft HoloLens Developer's Guide
    July 2017
    Transform the ways you communicate, create, collaborate, and explore using Microsoft HoloLens

Items 1-15 of 21

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