IoT & Hardware

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way we think about the relationship between software and the world around us. But where do you go to learn IoT skills? And how do you go about actually building Internet of Things projects that make a difference to people’s lives?

  1. 410 pages
    Hands-on Azure Digital Twins
    February 2022
    Build your own digital twin in no time!
  2. 428 pages
    Build and Code Creative Robots with LEGO BOOST
    November 2021
    Have fun with LEGO BOOST and Scratch programming while building smart robots that can interact with the world around you
  3. 594 pages
    Mastering ROS for Robotics Programming - Third Edition
    October 2021
    Design, build, and simulate complex robots using the Robot Operating System
  4. 262 pages
    Building Industrial Digital Twins
    October 2021
    Build your first digital twin MVP and gain first-hand experience of using the technology, the challenges it presents, and its impact on your organization
  5. 470 pages
    Developing IoT Projects with ESP32
    September 2021
    Master the technique of using ESP32 as an edge device in any IoT application where wireless communication can make life easier
  6. 320 pages
    DIY Microcontroller Projects for Hobbyists
    July 2021
    A practical guide to building PIC and STM32 microcontroller board applications with C and C++ programming
  7. 15 hours 55 minutes
    The Complete Beginners Guide to Arduino - 2021 [Video]
    July 2021
    Build your programming and electronics skills with the complete Arduino course for beginners
  8. 322 pages
    Creative DIY Microcontroller Projects with TinyGo and WebAssembly
    May 2021
    Explore embedded programming, and get hands-on with real-world embedded projects relating to IoT, low-powered devices, and other complex systems using TinyGo and WebAssembly
  9. 758 pages
    Mastering Embedded Linux Programming - Third Edition
    May 2021
    Unleash the full potential of Embedded Linux with Linux 4.14and Yocto Project 2.5 (Sumo) Updates
  10. 438 pages
    Smart Robotics with LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor
    May 2021
    Discover how to use the LEGO MINDSTORMS Inventor kit and boost your confidence in robotics
  11. 368 pages
    FPGA Programming for Beginners
    March 2021
    Get started with FPGA programming using SystemVerilog, and develop real-world skills by building projects, including a calculator and a keyboard
  12. 602 pages
    Learn Robotics Programming - Second Edition
    February 2021
    Develop an extendable smart robot capable of performing a complex series of actions with Python and Raspberry Pi
  13. 376 pages
    Architecting High-Performance Embedded Systems
    February 2021
    Explore the complete process of developing systems based on field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), including the design of electronic circuits and the construction and debugging of prototype embedded devices
  14. 646 pages
    Mastering Linux Device Driver Development
    January 2021
    Master the art of developing customized device drivers for your embedded Linux systems
  15. 516 pages
    Practical Python Programming for IoT
    November 2020
    Leverage Python and Raspberry Pi to create complex IoT applications capable of creating and detecting movement and measuring distance, light, and a host of other environmental conditions

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