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Cloud computing can improve efficiency and agility, but it also presents considerable challenges to software engineers and technology leaders. Learn cloud computing skills with Packt’s extensive range of cloud computing eBooks and videos, and discover how to manage the complexity of modern cloud systems in a way that drives real organizational value.

  1. 499 pages
    Network Protocols for Security Professionals
    July 2022
    Discover network-based attacks and learn to defend your organization's network and network devices
  2. 230 pages
    Designing Distributed Systems with .NET and Azure
    June 2022
    Design scalable distributed systems by understanding the benefits and shortcomings of monolithic, microservice, and hybrid approaches and make more informed business decisions
  3. 623 pages
    The Kubernetes Bible
    January 2022
    Get up and running with Kubernetes 1.19, and simplify the way you build, deploy, and maintain scalable distributed systems with this definitive Kubernetes guide
  4. 404 pages
    Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals MS-900 Exam Guide - Second Edition
    December 2021
    Explore the latest MS-900 exam skills and concepts with this updated second edition
  5. 375 pages
    Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer Guide
    December 2021
    Gain practical skills to design, deploy, and manage networks on Google Cloud and prepare to gain Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification
  6. 379 pages
    Jenkins Administrator's Guide
    December 2021
    Build and manage a production Jenkins instance, complete with CI/CD pipelines using GitHub and Docker Hub, Jenkins Configuration as Code, Shared Libraries, Script Security, and optimization guides
  7. 271 pages
    Microsoft Information Protection Administrator SC-400 Certification Guide
    December 2021
    Discover how to implement information protection, data loss prevention, and information governance within Microsoft 365
  8. 428 pages
    The Definitive Guide to Modernizing Applications on Google Cloud
    December 2021
    Get to grips with the tools, services, and functions needed for application migration to help you move from legacy applications to cloud-native on Google Cloud
  9. 595 pages
    Professional Cloud Architect – Google Cloud Certification Guide - Second Edition
    December 2021
    Become a Professional Cloud Architect by exploring the essential concepts, tools, and services in GCP and working through practice tests designed to help you take the exam confidently
  10. 390 pages
    Linux Service Management Made Easy with systemd
    December 2021
    A comprehensive guide for teaching system administrators, developers, and security professionals how to create their own systemd units and maintain system security
  11. 502 pages
    Mastering Ansible - Fourth Edition
    December 2021
    Design, develop, and solve real-world automation and orchestration problems by unlocking Ansible's automation capabilities
  12. 577 pages
    Kubernetes – An Enterprise Guide - Second Edition
    November 2021
    Master core Kubernetes concepts important to enterprises from security, policy, and management point-of-view. Learn to deploy a service mesh using Istio, build a CI/CD platform, and provide enterprise security to your clusters.
  13. 234 pages
    Simplifying Service Management with Consul
    November 2021
    Understand the basics of the Consul server and client architecture, and learn how to apply Consul for dynamic and secure service discovery, communication, and network connectivity automation
  14. 356 pages
    Designing Microservices Platforms with NATS
    November 2021
    A complete reference for designing and building scalable microservices platforms with NATS messaging technology for inter-service communication with security and observability
  15. 491 pages
    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Guide
    November 2021
    Develop proficiency in AWS technologies and validate your skills by becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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