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  1. 622 pages
    Visual Studio 2019 Cookbook
    September 2020
    Develop cross-platform web, mobile, and desktop applications by implementing the capabilities of Visual Studio 2019
  2. 653 pages
    Linux Kernel Development Cookbook
    July 2020
    Learn kernel development along with kernel internals and cover essential background for driver authors
  3. 468 pages
    Hands-On Web Penetration Testing with Metasploit
    May 2020
    Identify, Exploit and Test your Web Security
  4. 295 pages
    Hands-On Reinforcement Learning with PyTorch 1.0
    November 2020
    Simplify artificial intelligence (AI) by designing and implementing self-learning agents using PyTorch
  5. 357 pages
    Hands-On Reactive Programming with Kotlin
    August 2020
    Build reactive, concurrent, and responsive Kotlin applications
  6. 164 pages
    Hands-On One-shot Learning with Python
    June 2020
    Build powerful deep learning models using fewer learning samples with the power of scikit-learn and Keras
  7. 268 pages
    Hands-On Neural Networks with PyTorch 1.0
    April 2020
    Learn the essential background and model functioning of various neural network architectures such as CNN. RNN. LSTM, GANs, Autoencoders and more using best practices from an industry expert
  8. 417 pages
    Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for Banking
    December 2020
    Make your foray into the world of real-world financial applications using artificial intelligence (AI) and production-grade data feeds and technology
  9. 254 pages
    Deep Learning with PyTorch 1.0 - Second Edition
    September 2020
    Build and train neural network models with high speed and flexibility in text, vision, and advanced analytics using PyTorch 1.x
  10. 415 pages
    Azure Administration Cookbook
    September 2020
    Solve your common Azure and Azure DevOps administration problems related to networking, storage and identity management.
  11. 325 pages
    Apache Spark Projects
    June 2020
    Explore the potential of Apache Spark and its ecosystem through real-world applications
  12. 172 pages
    Apache Camel Essentials
    September 2020
    RRP ₹1,266.99 Save 76%
    Learn the key features and implementation strategies of the Apache Camel Enterprise Integration framework

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