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Working with OpenERP

Greg Moss

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is essential for businesses and this excellent guide will help you successfully implement OpenERP on Windows or Ubuntu. Straightforward enough for non-techies.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781782163800
Paperback334 pages

About This Book

  • Learn to install and configure OpenERP on Windows or Ubuntu
  • Understand how to enter sales orders, create invoices, and receive payments step-by-step
  • Implement powerful purchasing and manufacturing modules in OpenERP using real-world examples
  • Learn advanced OpenERP features and how to create your own custom modules
  • Use a non-technical approach for incorporating an ERP system into your business

Who This Book Is For

"Working with OpenERP" is written to make it easy for even a non-technical business person to begin implementing OpenERP in their business. This book uses real-world examples and is perfect for people who have never implemented an ERP system before or used OpenERP, or for those who would like to learn more advanced features, such as creating your own custom modules.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Setting Up OpenERP
Getting started with OpenERP online
Using OpenERP without subscription fees
Getting to know the OpenERP architecture
Choosing your installation operating system
Understanding OpenERP releases
Installing OpenERP on Windows OS
Installing OpenERP on Ubuntu
Troubleshooting and OpenERP management tips
Chapter 2: Starting Your First Company
Gathering requirements
Implementing an ERP system with a modular approach
Introducing Silkworm – our real-world case study
Chapter 3: Exploring Customer Relationship Management in OpenERP
Using CRM as a business strategy
Chapter 4: Purchasing with OpenERP
Understanding the overall purchasing process
Chapter 5: Making Goods with Manufacturing Resource Planning
Creating manufacturing orders
A real-world example – producing a custom-printed t-shirt
Chapter 6: Configuring Accounting and Finance
Defining the chart of accounts for your business
Installing the Accounting and Finance application
Viewing the current chart of accounts
How were transactions created in Account Payable?
Viewing the other journal items
Tracking accounting transactions through the sales and accounts receivable process
Setting up your own accounts
Chapter 7: Implementing the Human Resources Application
Taking a modular approach to human resources
Installing the Employee Directory application
Creating a new employee
Managing timesheets
Leave management
Managing the recruitment process
Working with user access rights and groups
Chapter 8: Understanding Project Management
The basics of Project Management
Installing the Project Management application
A real-world project example
Creating our first project
Defining project tasks
Estimating project costs and time
Chapter 9: Creating Advanced Searches and Dashboards
Determining the search requirements for your business
Searching in OpenERP
Chapter 10: Customizing OpenERP for Your Business
Activating the developer mode
Backing up your database
Adding a custom field to OpenERP
Adding a field to an existing view
Chapter 11: Understanding Workflows
Example of OpenERP workflow
Planning the changes to our workflow
Looking at an OpenERP workflow in detail
Chapter 12: Modifying Documents and Reports
Company headers and footers
RML – Report Markup Language
Examining the company header and footer
Understanding dynamic fields in your reports
Modifying OpenERP documents using OpenOffice
Working with dynamic fields in reports
Alternative reporting systems
Chapter 13: Discovering Custom OpenERP Modules
Exploring the OpenERP application and module directory
Building our first OpenERP module
Seeing it all come together
Using a module to add a filter to a search view

What You Will Learn

  • Install OpenERP on both Windows and Ubuntu operating systems
  • Create your own custom OpenERP applications
  • Configure a complete sales order and invoicing system
  • Streamline purchasing and receiving for your company
  • Implement manufacturing operations and processes with real world examples
  • Discover the capabilities of OpenERP's financial accounting and reporting features
  • Integrate powerful human resource applications that simplify the collection and management of employee information
  • Utilize OpenERP's full featured project management application to organize tasks and track time and costs associated with billable projects

In Detail

OpenERP continues to gain momentum throughout the world in providing the best platform for open source ERP installations. This book covers all the essential modules and how to get the power of OpenERP to work for you.

"Working with OpenERP" provides a real-world business solution approach to integrating OpenERP into your small or medium sized business. This book begins by walking you through how to install OpenERP on a Windows or Ubuntu server then takes you through all the essential modules you will need to get OpenERP up and running for your company.

All through the book, "Working with OpenERP" provides real-world examples in sales, customer relationship management (CRM), purchasing, manufacturing, human resources, and financial accounting. After covering the basics, you will learn how to customize various methods to configure OpenERP for your business and even build your own custom modules.

"Working with OpenERP" covers all the basics of installing and using OpenERP along with advanced real-world examples you will not find anywhere else.


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