Visual Media Processing Using MATLAB Beginner's Guide

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  • Apply basic geometric transformations on images
  • Manipulate pixel values in grayscale and color images
  • Select regions of interest in an image both manually and automatically
  • Apply masking techniques both in grayscale and color images
  • Write image processing scripts and functions
  • Enhance the quality of your images using filtering methods
  • Work with 3-dimensional images and videos
  • Create time-lapse videos using photographs

Whether you want to enhance your holiday photographs or make a professional banner image for your website, you need a software tool that offers you quick and easy ways to accomplish it. All-in-one tools tend to be rare, and Matlab is one of the best available.

This book is a practical guide full of step-by-step examples and exercises that will enable you to use Matlab as a powerful, complete, and versatile alternative to traditional image and video processing software.

You will start off by learning the very basics of grayscale image manipulation in Matlab to master how to analyze 3-dimensional images and videos using the same tool. The methods you learn here are explained and expanded upon so that you gradually reach a more advanced level in Matlab image and video processing.

You will be guided through the steps of opening, transforming, and saving images, later to be mixed with advanced masking techniques both in grayscale and in color. More advanced examples of artistic image processing are also provided, like creating panoramic photographs or HDR images. The second part of the book covers video processing techniques and guides you through the processes of creating time-lapse videos from still images, and acquiring, filtering, and saving videos in Matlab.

You will learn how to use many useful functions and tools that transform Matlab from a scientific software to a powerful and complete solution for your everyday image and video processing needs.

  • Apply sophisticated techniques to images and videos in just a few steps
  • Learn and practice techniques for enhancing and restoring your photographs
  • Create artistic photographs using simple methods
Page Count 334
Course Length 10 hours 1 minutes
ISBN 9781849697200
Date Of Publication 23 Sep 2013


George Siogkas

George Siogkas is currently the Associate Dean of the Department of Engineering and Informatics at New York College, Greece, where he has been teaching as a senior lecturer for the past four years. He also has more than ten years of research experience in the academia. His keen passion for MATLAB programming, especially in the areas of image and video processing, was developed while working towards a PhD in the field of computer vision for intelligent transportation systems. Dr. Siogkas received his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Patras, Greece in 2013. For more information about the author, visit his webpage, at