User Training for Busy Programmers

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  • A systematic process for creating training courses and materials for software users
  • Understanding your audience and ensuring that what you teach them is relevant and useful
  • How to use effective in-class exercises as part of the learning mix
  • Choosing what to teach and what to leave out
  • How to tailor your approach to different user needs, and different types of software
  • Preparing written guides for students and instructors

If you need to write a successful software training course and are unsure of how to start, then this book gets right to the point with clear, concise directions for developing an end-user software course. This step-by-step job aid walks you through the process of developing a successful, instructor-led software class.

There are many good books on training theory. This book takes a more practical, condensed approach for when you don't have time to learn training theory. It is based on fifteen years of technical writing and training experience. In under 100 pages, the book guides you through the process of developing an end-user software course using a method that is tested, proven, and based upon sound instructional theory.

  • A complete guide to creating software training courses and materials
  • Concise and practical step-by-step approach
  • Check-lists ensure that you are fully prepared
  • Based on proven educational techniques


Page Count 92
Course Length 2 hours 45 minutes
ISBN 9781904811459
Date Of Publication 12 Jun 2005


William Rice

William Rice is an e-learning professional from New York City. He has written books on Moodle, Blackboard, Magento, and software training. He enjoys building e-learning solutions for businesses and gains professional satisfaction when his courses help students.

His hobbies include writing books, practicing archery near JFK Airport, and playing with his children.

William is fascinated by the relationship between technology and society, how we create our tools, and how they shape us in turn. Married to an incredible woman who encourages his writing pursuits, he has two amazing sons.