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UML 2.0 in Action: A project-based tutorial

Henriette Baumann, Patrick Grassle, Philippe Baumann

A detailed and practical book and eBook walk-through showing how to apply UML to real world development projects
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Book Details

ISBN 139781904811558
Paperback248 pages

About This Book

  • Shows how to really use UML
  • Rich book length case study project
  • Covers only the UML you actually need


Who This Book Is For

The book was written for business analysts, technical architects and developers. It does not require detailed programming knowledge, nor is prior experience of UML mandatory.  It shows how, with UML, simple models of business processes and specification models can be created and read with little effort.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Basic Principles and Background
2.1 Introduction to the Case Study
2.2 Models, Views, and Diagrams
2.3 Information Systems and IT Systems
2.4 The Models of our Case Study
2.5 History of UML: Methods and Notations
2.6 Requirement Specification
2.7 UML 2.0
Chapter 3: Modeling Business Systems
3.1 Business Processes and Business Systems
3.2 One Model—Two Views
3.3 External View
The Internal View
Chapter 4: Modeling IT Systems
4.1 External View
4.2 Structural View
4.3 The Behavioral View
4.4 Interaction View
Chapter 5: Modeling for System Integration
5.1 Terminology of System Integration
5.2 Messages in UML
5.3 One Model—Two Views
5.4 Process View
5.5 The Static View

What You Will Learn

  • Basic Principles and Background
  • Modeling Business Systems
  • Modeling IT Systems
  • Modeling Systems Integration


In Detail

Most books about UML describe it almost in its entirety. Inevitably you're left with only a superficial knowledge of the range of UML elements, without a deep and intuitive understanding of how to apply UML as a whole to real world design problems. This book doesn't set out to cover all of UML, but instead pulls together those parts of UML with immediate practical relevance and presents them as part of a coherent process for using UML in your actual development projects.

This book is designed to be read while you work on a real project. After an initial review of the essentials of UML and the design process,  it begins with the modeling of a business system and its business processes, in this case an airport.  Then the IT system intended to serve that business process is described and analysed. Finally the integration of the system into the production environment is covered in detail.

The book can be used in two ways: it can be read through as a thorough grounding in how UML really works in practice; in addition it can be used as stand alone guide to that particular aspect of your own project. Both result in an intuitive understanding of how to actually use UML.


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