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Sony Vegas Pro 11 Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide
Duncan Wood

Edit videos with style and ease using Vegas Pro with this book and ebook.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849691703
Paperback264 pages

About This Book

  • Edit slick, professional videos of all kinds with Sony Vegas Pro
  • Learn audio and video editing from scratch
  • Speed up your editing workflow
  • A practical beginner's guide with a fast-paced but friendly and engaging approach towards video editing

Who This Book Is For

Are you keen on creating professional quality videos? You know little or nothing about video editing and Vegas Pro? Then this book is a perfect fit for you to dive headfirst into video production with Vegas Pro.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted with your New Best Friend: Vegas Pro 11 Overview
A note on your computer
Getting help
Getting to know the windows: Exploring the Vegas Pro 11 interface
Customizing the User Interface
Time for action — customizing the Vegas User Interface
Beginner's Guide to Vegas Pro 11 Media
Video Killed the Radio Star
Chapter 2: Let the Magic Begin: Beginning the Project and Acquiring Media
Creating a project
Project Properties
Time for action — using the supplied clips to set Project Properties
Time for action — setting Project Properties from scratch
The Preview Monitor
Time for action — importing media
The Smart tool and media clips
Keyboard Shortcuts
Chapter 3: Video Editing Concepts and Application
Editing: A light history lesson
Time for action — creating a second version of our project
What makes a good edit or cut
Time for action — selecting edit points in our media clips
Method two: Multicamera tool
Time for action — creating edits with the Multicamera tool
Event panning and cropping tool
Time for action — making a creative zoom with the Pan/Crop tool
Time for more action removing an unwanted shadow
Slow and fast motion
Time for action — using slow motion as a creative tool
Chapter 4: Essential Editing Tools
Important preliminary points
Video effects (a.k.a. FX)
Time for action — applying global FX to our media
Time for action — applying FX to individual clips
Time for action — removing the muted media clips
Time for action — using transitions
Media generators
Time for action — media generators
The advent of 3D editing
Chapter 5: Eye Catching Titles, Text, and Effects
Titles and text
Time for action — working with the SONY Pro Type Titler
Time for action — animating our title
Time for action — making a series of credits with the Sony Pro Type Titler
Transitions: The key to a smooth flow
Time for action — creating effective transitions
Chapter 6: Color Correction Techniques
A note on our project
What are White Balance and Level Correction?
Time for action — using the White Balance tool
Level correction
Time for action — using the Levels plugin
Another way of looking at changes to levels and colors
Time for action — practical use of Levels and the Waveform scope
Time for action — using Levels and the Histogram scope on our project
Time for action — learning to read the Vectorscope
Time for action — color correction
Time for action — removing the redness using the Color Corrector Secondary plugin
Chapter 7: Look, I Made it Move!!—Automating Tools in Sony Vegas
Pan/crop and zooming automation
Time for action — automating the pan/crop tool
Parameter automation
Time for action — automating parameters
The Track Motion Tool
Time for action — using Track Motion to move two tracks together
Time for action — adding Motion Blur
Chapter 8: The Importance of Audio
Concepts of audio
Audio 101
Time for action — load and listen to the tones file
Time for action — using the EQ plugin to equalize a guitar sound
Time for action — using the Compressor plugin to change an audio clip
The mixing console
Time for action — using the mixing console
Chapter 9: Soundtrack of our Lives: Audio for Video
Recording the spoken word
Recording a voice over into Vegas Pro 11
Time for action — recording audio into Vegas Pro 11
Music copyright
Surround sound concepts and Vegas Pro
Time for action — using Surround Sound tools in Vegas Pro 11
Chapter 10: Can I put this on YouTube?: Rendering and Delivering the Final Project
Video compression
Audio formats available
Rendering video and audio for DVD Architect
Time for action - preparing Master Files for DVD Architect
Rendering for the Web
Time for action - burning a disc directly from the timeline

What You Will Learn

  • Easy and quick steps to make a video
  • Import media from different sources
  • Learn about the various editing tools available in Vegas Pro to save you time during the editing process
  • Add professional, animated titles and transitions to enhance your videos' look
  • Fix the colors in your footage with advanced color correction tools
  • Export your projects to DVD, Blu-Ray, YouTube, and more

In Detail

Sony Vegas Pro is a widely used video editing tool that provides an efficient and intuitive environment for creating professional quality videos. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced video editor, Vegas Pro meets all your needs

Sony Vegas Pro 11 Beginner's Guide is packed with tips and advice on how to go about creating professional quality videos from scratch. With this book in hand, even a novice can start making a video or a short film quickly and easily.

Sony Vegas Pro 11 Beginner’s Guide takes you through the process of creating a video project from scratch. The book is packed with many screenshots to help illustrate time-saving editing techniques and how to spice up your video with beautiful effects and titles. You will also dive into audio editing, color correction, event panning and cropping along with various other techniques which will enable you to develop a solid foundation in video editing.

By the end of this book you will be able to create and edit videos with ease.


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