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SketchUp 2014 for Architectural Visualization

Thomas Bleicher, Robin de Jongh

Create stunning photorealistic and artistic visuals of your SketchUp models
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783558414
Paperback448 pages

About This Book

  • Take advantage of the new features of SketchUp 2014
  • Create picture-perfect photo-realistic 3D architectural renders for your SketchUp models
  • Post-process SketchUp output to create digital watercolor and pencil art
  • Make the most of SketchUp with the best plugins and add-on software to enhance your models

Who This Book Is For

If you are a SketchUp user, from an amateur right through to an architectural technician, professional architect, or designer, this is the book for you. This book is also suitable as a companion to any architectural design or multimedia course, and is accessible to anyone who has learned the basics of SketchUp.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Quick Start Tutorial
The SketchUp interface
Modeling the room
Setting up the view
Applying SketchUp materials
Modeling the window
Chapter 2: Collecting a Toolset
Free, libre, or what?
Trimble SketchUp
Thea Render
Image-processing studio with GIMP
Becoming a movie-making genius...almost!
Chapter 3: Composing the Scene
The importance of planning
Setting up an arch-viz scene
Fleshing out your site plan
Setting up the camera to challenge and impress
Saving days of toil with ready-made scenery
Framing the scene with entourage
Chapter 4: Modeling for Visualization
Project file layout
Carving out the detail
Low polygon modeling techniques
Using components to increase productivity
Handling challenging modeling tasks
Modeling for realistic highlights in interior scenes
Preparing for photorealistic rendering
Chapter 5: Applying Textures and Materials for Photorealistic Rendering
Deciding to use textures
Beginning with basic photo textures
Advanced texturing techniques
Using, finding, and creating tileable textures
Advanced image considerations
Modifying textures for added realism
Chapter 6: Entourage the SketchUp Way
The notice hierarchy
Choosing entourage
People cutouts
Chapter 7: Non-photoreal Visuals with SketchUp
SketchUp's native output
The Dennis Technique
Using layer masks in GIMP
Using a sky image in GIMP
Creating a vignette layer
Modifying the final composition with new SketchUp output
Richard's sketchy pencil technique
Chapter 8: Photorealistic Rendering
Why use an external renderer?
Setting up for photoreal rendering
Step 1 – Preparing the SketchUp model
Step 2 – Performing an initial test render
Step 3 – Assigning materials
Step 4 – Defining lighting
Step 5 – Inserting extra entourage
Step 6 – Production rendering
Step 7 – Postproduction rendering
Chapter 9: Postproduction in GIMP
Part 1 – tweaks and lighting levels
Part 2 – compositing multiple images
Chapter 10: Animations
Using the same principles for stills and animation
Making a start – sketching it out
Animating in SketchUp
The Flightpath animation
Let's put it together
Authoring video sequences
Compositing in VirtualDub
Creating the final video composition
Compressing for online streaming services
Chapter 11: Presenting Visuals in LayOut
Getting started with LayOut
Displaying SketchUp models in LayOut
Creating multiple views in LayOut
Annotations in LayOut
Displaying SketchUp sections
Slideshows and presentations
Exporting and printing
Chapter 12: Interactive Visualization
Lighting animation with Thea Relight
Immersive environment with LumenRT

What You Will Learn

  • Produce a photorealistic rendering of a scene modeled in SketchUp
  • Render ultra-realistic soft shadows from multiple light sources
  • Master the low polygon modeling techniques that you need to adopt for visualizations
  • Work with texturing techniques utilizing PhotoMatch and your own digital photos
  • Enhance your models by adding depth of field and other postprocessing tricks in GIMP
  • Devise movie-set scenes to digitally photograph your projects
  • Enhance your SketchUp scenes by adding lamps, sun, and sky lighting
  • Add smooth camera paths for airborne and walk-through animations
  • Learn all of the simple tricks to ensure you get great-looking models when rendered

In Detail

SketchUp is an amazing and remarkably powerful 3D modeling software used by millions of architects, visualizers, and drafters across the globe. It allows you to create animated 3D drawings and photorealistic renderings that approximate real-life objects easily.

This book is the perfect introduction to SketchUp 2014. It will help you to get started quickly and efficiently to produce and present commercial quality photorealistic or artistic outputs of your designs. It will teach you how to plan and set up the content of your scenes, use SketchUp and professional rendering software to produce stunning visuals and animations, and how to add an artistic touch to your images.


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