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Scratch Cookbook

Brandon Milonovich

If want to get your programming know-how off the starting blocks in a fun, involving way, then this guide to Scratch is perfect. In no time you’ll be building your own interactive programs that include animations and sound.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849518420
Paperback262 pages

About This Book

  • Get started using Scratch, or take your programs to a new level using simple, easy-to-read recipes
  • Learn techniques for animating stories
  • Create fun and engaging games

Who This Book Is For

Scratch Cookbook is great for people who are still relatively new to programming but wish to learn more. It assumes you know the basics of computer operation. The methods of using Scratch are worked through quickly with a focus on more advanced topics, though readers can move at their own pace to learn all the techniques they need.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Scratch
Starting up Scratch
Deleting the default sprite
Adding a custom sprite
Adding a pre-made sprite
Changing the stage background
The Hello World project
Chapter 2: Storytelling
Adding words to a sprite
Adjusting the timing
Sprites interacting with other sprites
Basic broadcasting and receiving
Resetting parts of a program
Other fun graphic effects
Chapter 3: Adding Animation
Changing sprite costumes
Switching backgrounds in a story
Adding graphic effects to backgrounds
Keyboard input to a program
Getting the mouse position
Chapter 4: Basic Gaming
Creating a moving object
Adding another ball
Object interaction with a background
User interaction with a game
Using mouse control
Keeping score
Objects disappearing
Building a maze
Using the timer
Chapter 5: Spicing up Games
Tracking the best score or time
Keeping a high score list
Adding more levels
Chapter 6: Bringing in Sound
Playing sounds
Importing a new sound
Recording a sound
Playing drums and notes
Adjusting volume
Fading volume out
Changing the tempo
Interactive note playing
Chapter 7: Integrating PicoBoards
Setting up the sensor board
Getting values from the sensor board
Working with the slider
Integrating the light sensor
Integrating the sound sensor
Measuring resistance
The sensor board button
Checking other connections
Chapter 8: Programming to Calculate
Generating Fibonacci numbers
Sieve of Eratosthenes
Creating a password generator
Other Scratch calculations
Chapter 9: Project Remixing
Importing parts of other projects
Drawing with the pen
Remixing the pen project

What You Will Learn

  • Navigate smoothly through the Scratch 2.0 interface
  • Animate a story or visual
  • Build a basic one player game
  • Learn about adding graphic effects and working with variables
  • Develop multi-level games and integrate sensor (Pico) boards
  • Perform advanced calculations

In Detail

Scratch 2.0 is an easy to use programming language that allows you to animate stories and create interactive games. Scratch also gives you the capability of using programming to calculate complicated calculations for you.

Scratch Cookbook will lead you through easy-to-follow recipes that give you everything you need to become a more advanced programmer.

Scratch Cookbook will take you through the essential features of Scratch. You’ll then work through simple recipes to gain an understanding of the more advanced features of Scratch.

You will learn how to create animations using Scratch. Sensory board integration (getting input from the outside environment) will also be covered, along with using Scratch to solve complicated and tedious calculations for you. You’ll also learn how to work through the exciting process of project remixing where you build on the work of others.

Scratch Cookbook will give you everything you need to get started with building your own programs in Scratch that involve sounds, animations, and user interaction.


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