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  • Get up and running with the ACT! Welcome page and Navigation Bar
  • Gain the knowledge to relate all of your business contacts
  • Integrate your ACT! database with Google, as well as social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin
  • Segment your database into Dynamic Groups
  • Learn how to create Company records for your larger accounts
  • Monitor the progress of your sales force by creating Opportunities
  • Fully integrate ACT! with Microsoft Outlook
  • Learn how to perform routine database maintenance
  • Utilize ACT!'s E-Marketing campaign features by creating an HTML campaign
  • Take advantage of ACT! Smart Tasks to automate routine CRM tasks
  • Get acquainted with using the new ACT! Scratch Pad
  • Learn to work with the various ACT! queries



Sage ACT! is a top-selling CRM application that helps  businesses to organize contact information, calendars and notes, and ultimately maximize contact relationships in one centralized database to optimize business efficiency and profitability. Recent versions have included the addition of powerful new CRM tools designed to increase the productivity of your business and its sales force.

This cookbook is full of immediately applicable recipes covering ACT! 2012, with a particular emphasis on advanced features in the new release. Many recipes will be relevant to users of ACT! who have not upgraded since 2009, 2010, or 2011  as many advanced features originate from these releases. The content will familiarize you with the new Start Up options and a new design to better navigate the product. You will also learn to use ACT!'s E-Marketing and Opportunity features so that you will be able to easily build your business and keep track of your profits.

This practical cookbook provides numerous recipes that will take you from being an ACT! novice to a CRM pro in no time, as you learn to utilize all of the advanced functionality of ACT! 2012 added in the most recent ACT! versions.

The recipes begin by covering the most basic elements of opening an ACT! database, and advance to include several recipes that will guide you through powerful CRM functionality including creating E-Marketing Campaigns and sending them off to specific segments of your database. If you have information in your ACT! database, you need to be able to use it quickly and logically—this book will help you do just that.

  • Immediately access ACT! 2012 with a full understanding of the Welcome screen and Navigation Bar
  • Segment your ACT! database into Groups and Companies, Secondary or Related Contacts
  • Become a CRM expert by combining the ease of E-Marketing with the power of Smart Tasks to build your business
  • Ensure that your ACT! database is properly maintained so that it remains worry free
Page Count 284
Course Length 8 hours 31 minutes
ISBN 9781849682503
Date Of Publication 22 Sep 2011


Karen Fredricks

Karen Fredricks began her life rather non-technically growing up in Kenya. She likes to say that she developed her sense of humor while dodging bombs in Beirut where she attended high school. She graduated from the University of Florida and holds degrees in English, Theatre and Accounting. She settled in Boca Raton where she includes tennis, trips to the gym and cheering for the Gators in her busy schedule.

A true CRM expert, Karen is the author of over ten For Dummies books, including titles on ACT!, SugarCRM, Outlook, Business Contact Manager, Office Live and Marketing with Microsoft Office 2007. This is her sixth book devoted to ACT!.

Karen’s firm, Tech Benders, customizes popular contact management and CRM software to help businesses grow by being more productive, efficient, and profitable. Karen believes in working smarter in order to have the time to enjoy life and tries to install that philosophy in her clients.