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Sage ACT! 2012 Cookbook

Karen Fredricks

Over 90 advanced recipes in this book and eBook for power users of Sage ACT! 2012 to increase the efficiency of businesses
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849682503
Paperback284 pages

About This Book

  • Immediately access ACT! 2012 with a full understanding of the Welcome screen and Navigation Bar
  • Segment your ACT! database into Groups and Companies, Secondary or Related Contacts
  • Become a CRM expert by combining the ease of E-Marketing with the power of Smart Tasks to build your business
  • Ensure that your ACT! database is properly maintained so that it remains worry free

Who This Book Is For

If you are an ACT! end user who wants to learn about the advanced functionality of ACT! 2012, then this book is for you. It will also be useful if you are a 2009,2010 or 2011 user, as many advanced features originate from these ACT! versions. If you are an ACT! administrator who needs to administer an ACT! database or understand Outlook integration, you will also find this book helpful.

No prior ACT! knowledge is necessarily required; however, you'll find it helpful to have good working knowledge of how to add data into ACT!, or to work with an ACT! database that has already been populated with data.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Working with the Welcome Page and Navigation Bar
Using the Welcome Page
Changing the Startup view
Working with the Navbar
Changing the Current view
Customizing the Navbar
Connecting ACT! to other services
Chapter 2: Jotting Down your Notes Using Scratchpad
Adding an item to the Scratchpad
Making changes to Scratchpad items
Changing the order of the Scratchpad items
Transferring Scratchpad items to an ACT! database
Marking a Scratchpad item as complete
Printing the Scratchpad list
Chapter 3: Using Queries to Find Data
Performing a basic lookup
Looking up by Example
Creating an Annual Event lookup/search
Creating a lookup by Contact Activity
Creating an Advanced Query
Searching on keywords
Using the universal search
Chapter 4: Relating Contact Records
Adding the Relationship tab
Adding a Related Contact
Adding multiple Related Contacts
Changing a relationship
Creating a Secondary Contact
Promoting a Secondary Contact
Chapter 5: Integrating Contact Information with Websites
Understanding the Web Info tab
Editing an existing web link
Creating a new web link
Deleting a web link
Creating an Internet link
Adding a website link to the History tab
Chapter 6: Grouping your Contacts
Creating a Group
Adding Static Members to a Group
Removing Static Members from a Group
Adding Dynamic Members to a Group
Creating a Group from the current Lookup
Using the Group tab of the Contact Detail view
Working with Groups
Chapter 7: Working with Companies
Learning about Company views
Creating Companies from the Companies Detail view
Creating a Company from a Contact record
Adding a Division to a Company
Deleting a Company
Linking Contact and Company Records
Adding a Contact to a Company
Working with a Company Record
Linking Company and Contact Fields
Creating a Lookup of Company Contacts
Chapter 8: Creating Golden Opportunities
Working with the Opportunity View
Adding processes and stages
Adding products and services
Working with opportunity fields and layouts
Creating an opportunity
Editing an opportunity
Working with the Opportunity List
Creating an Opportunity Graph
Chapter 9: Integrating with Microsoft Outlook
Setting up Outlook as your ACT! e-mail client
Sending an Outlook message to a single contact
Sending an Outlook message to multiple contacts
Sending an e-mail to an ACT! contact in Outlook
Linking incoming Outlook e-mail to ACT!
Creating a new ACT! contact from Outlook
Synchronizing your ACT! calendar to Outlook
Synchronizing your ACT! contacts to Outlook
Chapter 10: Integrating with Google
Setting up Google and ACT! integration
Synchronizing your ACT! calendar to Google
Synchronizing your ACT! contacts to Google
Setting the Record History options for Google
Setting up automatic integration
Chapter 11: Performing Routine Maintenance
Performing routine maintenance
Creating a backup
Restoring a backup
Using the ACT! Scheduler
Applying ACT! updates
Removing old data
Merging duplicate records
Deleting a database
Performing a global edit and replace
Chapter 12: Creating an E-marketing Campaign
Adding your E-marketing account
Moving a template to the local library
Editing a local template
Importing an existing HTML template
Sending an E-marketing pieces
Updating ACT! with E-marketing history
Analyzing an E-marketing campaign
Creating a Lookup of your Campaign Results
Creating a survey
Creating a web form
Chapter 13: Working Smarter with Smart Tasks
Learning about the existing Smart Tasks
Editing an existing Smart Task
Creating a Smart Task template
Adding a Smart Task step
Changing Smart Task steps
Setting a Smart Task to Auto-Run
Running Smart Tasks manually
Checking the status of a Smart Task

What You Will Learn

  • Get up and running with the ACT! Welcome page and Navigation Bar
  • Gain the knowledge to relate all of your business contacts
  • Integrate your ACT! database with Google, as well as social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin
  • Segment your database into Dynamic Groups
  • Learn how to create Company records for your larger accounts
  • Monitor the progress of your sales force by creating Opportunities
  • Fully integrate ACT! with Microsoft Outlook
  • Learn how to perform routine database maintenance
  • Utilize ACT!'s E-Marketing campaign features by creating an HTML campaign
  • Take advantage of ACT! Smart Tasks to automate routine CRM tasks
  • Get acquainted with using the new ACT! Scratch Pad
  • Learn to work with the various ACT! queries


In Detail

Sage ACT! is a top-selling CRM application that helps  businesses to organize contact information, calendars and notes, and ultimately maximize contact relationships in one centralized database to optimize business efficiency and profitability. Recent versions have included the addition of powerful new CRM tools designed to increase the productivity of your business and its sales force.

This cookbook is full of immediately applicable recipes covering ACT! 2012, with a particular emphasis on advanced features in the new release. Many recipes will be relevant to users of ACT! who have not upgraded since 2009, 2010, or 2011  as many advanced features originate from these releases. The content will familiarize you with the new Start Up options and a new design to better navigate the product. You will also learn to use ACT!'s E-Marketing and Opportunity features so that you will be able to easily build your business and keep track of your profits.

This practical cookbook provides numerous recipes that will take you from being an ACT! novice to a CRM pro in no time, as you learn to utilize all of the advanced functionality of ACT! 2012 added in the most recent ACT! versions.

The recipes begin by covering the most basic elements of opening an ACT! database, and advance to include several recipes that will guide you through powerful CRM functionality including creating E-Marketing Campaigns and sending them off to specific segments of your database. If you have information in your ACT! database, you need to be able to use it quickly and logically—this book will help you do just that.


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