Retro Raspberry Pi Hands-On Hardware Projects [Video]

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  • Build a fully functioning arcade gaming system with RetroPie to play old Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, and other games
  • Turn old technology cluttering up your house into cool stuff with the Raspberry Pi
  • Plan and write code using APIs and platforms appropriate for your projects
  • Prepare an SD card and flash it for any operating system using the Pi
  • Build a Personal Digital Assistant (using the Google Assistant API and Amazon Developer API) inside retro items
  • Use the Raspberry Pi Camera module and interact with it to take videos and pictures based on motion
  • Get your Raspberry Pi up-and-running and learn to use all its components efficiently
  • Modify the packaging of existing applications to secure your new components

The course will teach you how to build Raspberry Pi-based hardware devices that were cluttering up your house into iconic retro tech items. We start by explaining the process for developing your own creations before getting our hands dirty with the included projects.

You will learn to build a fully wireless Amazon Alexa from an old calculator, a Google Assistant from an old stereo microphone, a Spotify player from an 80's radio, a smart mirror from an old TV, an HDMI-powered console from a 90's joystick, and a fully working arcade from an old monitor.

This course assumes you have basic computer knowledge; we walk you step-by-step through videos and supply all the information you need to bring retro applications back to life. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of hands-on computing with the Raspberry Pi and want to bring old retro applications back to life, this course is for you.

Style and Approach

This course provides step-by-step videos showing you how to make eight hands-on hardware projects with the Raspberry Pi. We walk you through everything you need to know to use the platform in interactive and fun ways. Each section is a standalone project and will show you how to use the Raspberry Pi in fun, creative, and innovative ways. We use classic old technology and turn it into something new and useful that you might not even have imagined.

  • Eight hands-on projects give you the opportunity to practice a skill or better understand a new concept and implement them in a real-life application
  • Step by step videos, complete code for all the projects, and updated software solutions
  • Every section of the course takes you through all the steps needed to finish every project, from parts and modifications to software installation and final assembly
Course Length 2 hours 58 minutes
ISBN 9781789530353
Date Of Publication 30 Dec 2018


Constantin Adam

Constantin Adam is a 25-year-old IT technician/content creator. He is a Raspberry Pi enthusiast and does all types of projects. He also has a YouTube channel under the name Adam Builds where he has received great responses from the community. He has been experimenting with this for a living since 2015 by selling gaming consoles, cameras, and home automation services to people who don’t necessarily have the knowledge or the time to do it themselves. He is extremely innovative and is excited to share his knowledge and expertise with you.