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Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents

Stefan Sjogelid

An exciting guide for Raspberry Pi programmers to turn your Raspberry Pi into your very own secret agent toolbox with this book of fun espionage projects!
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849695787
Paperback152 pages

About This Book

  • Detect an intruder on camera and set off an alarm
  • Listen in or record conversations from a distance
  • Find out what the other computers on your network are up to
  • Unleash your Raspberry Pi on the world

Who This Book Is For

Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents is for all mischievous Raspberry Pi owners who’d like to see their computer transform into a neat spy gadget to be used in a series of practical pranks and projects. No previous skills are required to follow along and if you’re completely new to Linux, you’ll pick up much of the basics for free.

Apart from the Raspberry Pi board itself, a USB microphone and/or a webcam is required for most of the audio/video topics and a Wi-Fi dongle is recommended for the networking examples. A Windows/Mac OS X/Linux computer (or second Raspberry Pi) is also recommended for remote network access.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Up to No Good
A brief history lesson on the Pi
The ins and outs of the Raspberry Pi
Writing Raspbian OS to the SD card
Booting up and configuring Raspbian
Accessing the Pi over the network using SSH
The importance of a sneaky headless setup
Keeping your system up-to-date
Chapter 2: Audio Antics
Configuring your audio gadgets
Recording conversations for later retrieval
Listening in on conversations from a distance
Talking to people from a distance
Distorting your voice in weird and wonderful ways
Scheduling your audio actions
Chapter 3: Webcam and Video Wizardry
Setting up your camera
Capturing your target on film
Detecting an intruder and setting off an alarm
Turning your TV on or off using the Pi
Scheduling video recording or staging a playback scare
Chapter 4: Wi-Fi Pranks – Exploring your Network
Getting an overview of all the computers on your network
Finding out what the other computers are up to
Pushing unexpected images into browser windows
Knocking all visitors off your network
Protecting your network against Ettercap
Analyzing packet dumps with Wireshark
Chapter 5: Taking your Pi Off-road
Keeping the Pi dry and running with housing and batteries
Setting up point-to-point networking
Tracking the Pi's whereabouts using GPS
Controlling the Pi with your smartphone
Receiving status updates from the Pi
Keeping your data secret with encryption

What You Will Learn

  • Install and configure Raspbian OS for maximum mischief
  • Schedule a prank to happen when your foe least expects it
  • Listen in or talk to people from a distance
  • Detect an intruder with motion detection and set off an alarm
  • Distort your voice in weird and wonderful ways
  • Push unexpected images into browser windows
  • Knock all visitors off your Wi-Fi network
  • Control the Pi with your smartphone
  • Keep your data secret with encryption

In Detail

Ever wished you could play around with all the neat gadgets your favorite spies use (like James Bond or Michael Westen)? With the introduction of the remarkable Raspberry Pi and a few USB accessories, anybody can now join in on the action.

Discover how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a multipurpose secret agent tool! Through a series of fun, easy-to-follow projects you’ll learn how to set up audio/video surveillance, explore your Wi-Fi network, play pranks on your friends, and even learn how to free your Raspberry Pi from the constraints of the wall socket.

Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents starts out with the initial setup of your Raspberry Pi, guides you through a number of pranks and secret agent techniques, and then shows you how to apply what you’ve learned out in the real world.

Learn how to configure your operating system for maximum mischief and start exploring the audio, video, and Wi-Fi projects. Learn how to record, listen, or talk to people from a distance and how to distort your voice. You can even plug in your webcam and set up a motion detector with an alarm, or find out what the other computers on your Wi-Fi network are up to. Once you’ve mastered the techniques, combine them with a battery pack and GPS for the ultimate off-road spy kit.


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