Raspberry Pi Networking Cookbook

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  • Get started with the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Discover how to configure and secure your Raspberry Pi device
  • Enable remote access both to and from other computers
  • Use your Raspberry Pi to securely share your documents and files
  • Learn how to deploy a web server capable of serving your own content
  • Build your own wireless access point and even a firewall

The Raspberry Pi is more than just a platform for teaching students how to program computers! The recipes in this book show you how this inexpensive computer can be used out of the box for a number of practical solutions that utilize existing networks and connectivity.

The Raspberry Pi Networking Cookbook is an essential reference full of practical solutions for use both at home and in the office. Beginning with step-by-step instructions for installation and configuration, this book can either be read from cover to cover or treated as an essential reference companion to your Raspberry Pi.

Full of practical and engaging content designed to expand and build upon your existing skills as you work through individual recipes, any computer novice can quickly learn how to become a Raspberry Pi expert without any programming knowledge required. The Raspberry Pi Networking Cookbook will allow you to revolutionize how you use technology on a daily basis, ranging from sharing your media across multiple devices to deploying your very own web portal, or even accessing your desktop remotely.

  • Learn how to install, administer, and maintain your Raspberry Pi
  • Create a network fileserver for sharing documents, music, and videos
  • Host a web portal, collaboration wiki, or even your own wireless access point
  • Connect to your desktop remotely, with minimum hassle


Page Count 204
Course Length 6 hours 7 minutes
ISBN 9781849694605
Date Of Publication 7 Mar 2013


Rick Golden

Rick Golden, in the summer of 1972, sat in the computer lab at SUNY Fredonia and completed his first CAI tutorial on programming in APL. He was 9 years old then.

He has been programming computers for over 40 years. He has designed and developed a multitude of projects, from low-level graphics and database drivers to large-volume e-commerce platforms.

At work, Rick is currently focused on developing software to improve healthcare by mining petabytes of healthcare claims to find opportunities to improve healthcare coordination. After work, Rick teaches 10-14 year olds how to program using Raspberry Pi computers.