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  • Quickly get to grips with using Python to create tools and solve problems
  • Manipulate image files and learn how to encode messages into an image using steganography
  • Gather a file's hidden secrets, such as EXIF data and ZIP archive contents
  • Build applications that access, filter, and analyze live data from the Web
  • Design Python modules, libraries, and applications
  • Customize your Python environment with specialized packages
  • Extract data using HTTP and FTP internetworking protocols

Python is an easy-to-learn and extensible programming language that allows secret agents to work with a wide variety of data in a number of ways. It gives beginners a simple way to start programming, but Python's standard library also provides numerous packages that allow Python-using secret agents to easily utilize very sophisticated information processing.

This book will guide new field agent trainees through putting together a Python-based toolset to gather, analyze, and communicate data. It starts by covering the basics and then moves on to sections such as file exchange, image processing, geocoding, simple trigonometry, and more sensitive statistical processing. You will then learn how to use polynomials to encode and decode data in different representations. Furthermore, this book shows you how to add tools to a Python environment, work with images, and parse HTML web pages to extract meaningful data. The idea of adding packages to Python is central to how an agent will leverage these tools for data processing.

  • Build a toolbox of Python gadgets for password recovery, currency conversion, and civic data hacking
  • Use steganography to hide secret messages in images
  • Get to grips with geocoding to find villains’ secret lairs
Page Count 216
Course Length 6 hours 28 minutes
ISBN 9781783980420
Date Of Publication 25 Aug 2014