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Hedwyg van Groenendaal

Create amazing Prezi presentations through 10 exciting Prezi projects.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849699778
Paperback264 pages

About This Book

  • Amaze your audience and keep them engaged during your presentations with Prezi
  • Create interactive presentations from scratch by adding images, animations, and more
  • Learn Prezi through ten exciting projects in this step-by-step tutorial

Who This Book Is For

If you have some basic experience of Prezi and want to gain advanced knowledge by building different kinds of Prezi projects, then this book is for you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Fastest Way to Go from an Idea to a Prezi
Mission briefing
You have an idea but where do you start?
Brainstorming in Prezi
From brainstorm to mind map
Filling in the details
How should you present your mind map?
Mission accomplished
A Hotshot challenge
Chapter 2: Present Yourself with a Prezumé
Mission briefing
What's your goal?
Gathering all the information
Structuring and choosing content
Getting creative!
Creating your prezumé from start to finish
Sharing your prezumé
Mission accomplished
A Hotshot challenge
Chapter 3: I Want to Use Prezi for My Lessons
Mission briefing
Identifying learning content
Creating an overview
Creating the content
Determining the look and feel
Switching between topics
Mission accomplished
A Hotshot challenge
Chapter 4: Designing a Serious Corporate Presentation
Mission briefing
Defining your strategy
Brainstorming the content
Defining the title and keywords
Thinking of a good concept
What's the story you want to tell?
Creating your storyboard
Defining colors, fonts, and other design issues
Creating your presentation
Mission accomplished
A Hotshot challenge
Chapter 5: Presenting in the PechaKucha Style
Mission briefing
Understanding PechaKucha
Using PechaKucha in Prezi
Using images
Presenting your idea in the PechaKucha style
Using your creativity
Mission accomplished
A Hotshot challenge
Chapter 6: Presenting Boring Stuff in a Better Way
Mission briefing
Rethinking your data
Creating great graphs
Visualizing locations
Making interesting timelines
Limiting your lists
Putting it all together
Mission accomplished
A Hotshot challenge
Chapter 7: I Really Like Those Hand-drawn Prezis
Mission briefing
Let's draw!
From a drawing to a vectorized image
Putting it together in Prezi
Mission accomplished
A Hotshot challenge
Chapter 8: Let's Animate Your Prezi
Mission briefing
Main idea – the Prezi machine
Where do I get great illustrations?
Building the basics
Creating animations in Flash
Putting it all together in Prezi
Mission accomplished
A Hotshot challenge
Chapter 9: More Interactivity with the Prezi Player API
Mission briefing
Embedding the prezi
Creating the menu
Making it work
Creating a submenu
Mission accomplished
A Hotshot challenge
Chapter 10: Creating an Award-winning Prezi
Mission briefing
Learning about the assignment
Explaining the process
Creating the prezi
Creating special effects
Mission accomplished
A Hotshot challenge

What You Will Learn

  • Build amazing corporate presentations using the unique seven-step method
  • Learn how to present boring stuff in a better way using infographics
  • Recognize how to create astonishing animations for your prezis
  • Learn how to use Prezi's API for interactivity with Prezi
  • Present yourself with Prezi and create a prezumé
  • Get familiar with tips and tricks to create an award-winning prezi

In Detail

Prezi is a new and marvelous approach to the visualization of information, with over 30 million users across the globe. It's used all over the world for business presentations, pitches, and TED talks. Prezi is different; it is based on mind mapping, and uses an infinite canvas.

This book will walk you through 10 different and exciting projects to help you get the most out of Prezi. This step-by-step tutorial focuses on specific topics that differ in complexity and technologies used. This book covers the way professionals build their prezis, as well as the way they think during the presentation process. You'll learn a lot of practical details and tips for other tools as well.


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