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Moodle for Training and Professional Development [Video]

Susan Smith Nash

Develop effective online training and professional development courses using Moodle
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Video Details

ISBN 139781782166160
Course Length1 hour 32 minutes and 46 seconds

About This Video

  • Use Moodle to build effective training and professional development courses
  • Incorporate content from multiple sources and platforms
  • Design effective assessments; individual and collaborative
  • Track performance, archive results, and generate certificates automatically for both cohorts and individual trainees

Who This Video Is For

This course is for developers of certification programs, corporate training providers, learning organizations, or companies requiring training for compliance.

Table of Contents

Setting Up a New Course
Selecting Moodle for Professional Development
Selecting Moodle Hosting
Turning Editing On and Off
Adding a New Course
Setting Up Units and Course Organization
Adding Topics
Editing Unit Names
Incorporating Learning Objectives
Following Bloom's Taxonomy
Finalizing Topics and Planning Content
Moodle Docs
Preparing Modules
Review of Icons in Moodle
Adding Activities
Adding Discussion Board
Adding Links to the Course Content Using Material from DOAJ
Adding Video Content from YouTube
Adding Photos and Graphics from Flickr
Modifying Links to the URL
Adding Audio Resources
Types of Course Content
Types of Content
Sources of Audio
Sources of Video – YouTube Versus Ustream
Establishing Conditions for Learning
Establishing Conditions for Learning
Engaging With Personal Experience
Engaging With Choice
Engage Using Quiz With feedback
Size Your graphics
Basic Content
Adding Checklists
Adding Quiz With feedback for Check Your Knowledge and Assessments
Add a Lesson
Add a Quiz With Limited Access
Add a Calendar
Assessment Using Choice Activity
Assessment Using Quiz
Boosting Collaboration
Adding Discussion Forums
Adding a Glossary
Adding a wiki
Expanding the wikis
Collaborating Synchronously Via Chat and Skype
Web Conferencing – Big Blue Button
Course Management
Course Management – Registering Students
Enrolling Students in a Course
Issuing Certificates
Front Page and Appearance

What You Will Learn

  • Develop courses and assessment including certification for training and professional development in Moodle 2.4
  • Set up a new course in Moodle 2.4
  • Prepare modules and the course structure
  • Select and add course content: text, graphics, audio, video, maps, diagrams
  • Create engaging and effective learning conditions as you administer the course, students, and certifications
  • Build modules containing basic components
  • Develop effective assessments ranging from quizzes to workshops
  • Incorporate collaborative learning

In Detail

Demonstrating competency and a mastery of skills is more important than ever in today’s rapidly changing workplace. It often requires worker certification and legal compliance with training mandates. You can provide online training in a flexible way by taking advantage of Moodle's powerful capabilities.

Moodle for Training and Professional Development walks you through all the areas that you need to know in order to build your own courses, develop registration databases, create assessments, and administer interactive training for synchronous and asynchronous delivery.With Moodle for Training and Professional Development, you'll learn how to design, build, administer, and archive results with effective online training using the popular open source Learning Management System(LMS).

This video guide shows you how to create courses, incorporate highly effective multimedia instructional materials, create interactive lessons and training sessions, build interactive assessment, streamline course administration, and manage certification.

Learn how to use the powerful, popular Learning Management System(LMS), Moodle, to build courses that meet the needs of your learners to receive training and certification in solid, content-rich courses, with reliable, and effective assessment.

Moodle for Training and Professional Development covers everything you need to design the course, build content, create discussion forums, workshops, incorporate outside multimedia materials, including text, graphics, audio, video, web conferencing, presentations, develop collaborative and individual portfolios, and more. With the capability of incorporating both synchronous (chat, web conferencing, live streaming media), and asynchronous content (archived and streaming), it’s possible to deliver content and testing how and where you want it. This video guide breaks the process into functional units and allows you to quickly build the kind of training and assessment you need to deliver high-quality certification courses and professional development in an online format.



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