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Moodle for Mobile Learning [Video]

Graeme Boxwell

Enable learning anywhere with this innovative, and clear video tutorial on Moodle
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Video Details

ISBN 139781782169123
Course Length2 hours and 13 minutes

About This Video

  • Use Moodle to enable mobile learning outside your classroom
  • Enhanced ways of assessing and communicating more effectively
  • Learn new and innovative mobile learning activities that will enhance your students' learning experience
  • Utilize social media to enhance your students' online learning experience
  • Clear, step-by-step instructional videos guide you from the initial setup of your Moodle course through the creation of mobile content, assessment, social media, and more

Who This Video Is For

This course is aimed at course designers, professors, or e-learning professionals who want to enhance their course design with m-Learning using Moodle. It will enable you to enhance your students’ learning through the use of Moodle and mobile devices. You can enjoy the full benefit of these videos with almost no experience of Moodle.

Table of Contents

Setting Up Moodle for Mobile Learning
The Official MyMobile Theme
Third-party Responsive Themes
The Official MyMobile HTML5 App
Third-party Moodle Apps
Content Delivery
Guide to Delivering Content for Mobiles
File Downloads
Photo and Video Sharing
My Private Files Area
Mobile Learning Content Creation
SCORM e-learning Modules
LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability)
Xerte Online Toolkits
Using Social Media in Moodle
Introduction to Social Media
Embedding Twitter Feeds in Moodle
Twitter hashtags
Using Facebook in Moodle
Guide to Communication
Moodle Messaging
SMS Notifications
Group Forums
Mobile Assessment
Guidelines for Delivering a Mobile Assessment
Quiz Setup
Quiz Design
Audio and Video Assignment
Audio Feedback
Mobile Learning Activities to Use in the Classroom
Learning Walks Using Google Custom Maps
Use the Database Tool with Camera Phones
Using Audio with English Literature
Tips and Tricks
QR Code
Moodle Feedback Activity
Fostering Reflective Learners through Mobile Blogs
Flipping the Classroom

What You Will Learn

  • Apply the appropriate theme and app to fit the course style of your audience
  • Optimize content and innovative methods of delivery such as podcasting
  • Utilize different content creation tools such as Xerte and Articulate to create exciting mobile content
  • Engineer social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook to enrich the learning experience for your students
  • Invigorate student communication with mobile communication tools for Moodle
  • Rejuvenate your formative assessment techniques through mobile learning as it enables assessments to take place at any time or place
  • Immerse your students in interactive mobile learning activities such as Google Maps' custom learning walks
  • Innovate with mobile learning techniques such as flipping the classroom

In Detail

Learning today is no longer about sitting in a classroom working through a worksheet. Today's students demand a more engaging experience that allows them to learn where and when they want. Mobile learning empowers students to take control of their learning, anywhere and anytime, and Moodle helps us achieve this goal.

"Moodle for Mobile Learning" will show you how you can transform your classroom by using mobile learning activities. You will learn how to create engaging mobile content in Moodle that will captivate your students and with the help of social media, students will be able to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

"Moodle for Mobile Learning" starts with the setting up of Moodle to enable effective learning through mobile devices. It ends by looking at different mobile activities that a teacher can use to engage their classroom. Along the way we have easy-to-follow, clear video instructions that will revolutionize the way you teach.

You will learn how to set up up Moodle, including theming for mobile devices and the new Moodle mobile app. You will discover different ways of creating innovative content and assessments for mobile devices. You will be able to use social media to interact with your students. Assessment and communication through mobile devices will add a new dimension to your course.

"Moodle for Mobile Learning" will help you to achieve a different classroom from the one you currently have. It will give you the skills and techniques to transform your teaching, through easy-to-follow, practical video tutorials.


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