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Moodle Course Development [Video]

Joe Deegan

Enhance your e-learning course and make the most of what Moodle has to offer
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Video Details

ISBN 139781782160885
Course Length2hours 35mins 40 sec

About This Video

  • Maximize your Moodle e-learning courses by learning how to make the most of every tool, activity, and resource available to you
  • Detailed examples that cover how to create e-learning course activities and provide resources that will keep your students engaged
  • Tips and tricks for configuring Moodle administration settings to meet the needs of your school or organization
  • Realize the potential of developing online courses using Moodle with comprehensive video demonstrations
  • Dynamic course topics covering everything that you need to know in order to customize the Moodle front page, use administration settings, and build interactive e-learning courses

Who This Video Is For

Moodle Course Development is designed for teachers or anybody who wants to deliver education online using Moodle. Whether you are a beginner or have experience with Moodle you will take away valuable lessons that will help you to get the best from Moodle.

Table of Contents

Getting Started
Course Overview
What is Moodle?
Navigating Moodle
Hosting and Installation Options
Setting Up Your Site
Site Administration Settings
Turning Editing On
Setting Up the Front Page
Giving Users Access
Creating Courses
Course Categories
Course Sites
Editing Course Sites
Enrolling Users
Adding Static Course Material
Links to Files or Websites
File Repositories
Composing Web Pages
Creating Books
Adding Interactive Course Material
Creating Quizzes
Creating Lessons
Adding Social Activities
Evaluating Students
The Gradebook
Course Completion
Activity Reports
Plugins Overview
Themes Overview
Backup and Restore Courses

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about Moodle's potential and how to get started with an overview of various hosting and installation options
  • Setup your Moodle site and make it available to users after it’s been installed on a web server
  • Create course sites and make them available by enrolling students and assigning teachers
  • Make static resources such as files or web pages available to your learners
  • Produce more interactive e-learning courses with course materials such as quizzes, lessons, and SCORM tutorials
  • Encourage student collaboration with social activities such as forums, wikis, and blogs
  • Evaluate student performance by customizing the Moodle gradebook and tracking participation
  • Learn about available resources from the Moodle community that will help you take Moodle to the next level
  • Everything you need to know, demonstrated and elaborated in detail with options and alternatives

In Detail

Moodle, the leading open source learning management system, makes it possible for schools and organizations to provide cutting edge online education. Using Moodle, teachers and corporate training managers can bring learning to the student’s desktop with web-based courses consisting of interactive activities, resources, and social interaction.

Moodle Course Development will show you how to teach online using Moodle through a series of informative and incredibly detailed video screencasts. Learn how to make the most out of Moodle by following along with detailed video demonstrations covering how to configure and use Moodle’s features to create an e-learning site designed to meet your learner’s needs.

Moodle Course Development introduces you to some essential Moodle tools, tips, and tricks; and walks you through built-in features that allow you to enhance your teaching.

We'll begin with everything you need to know about Moodle's installation options, and then show you how to configure administration settings[/color] in order to meet the needs of your school or organization. Once your site is configured, you will learn how to use all of the key features that help you to make the most out of Moodle.

By the time you complete the Moodle Course Development video course you’ll be able to create an e-learning site that will enhance your teaching and provide a better learning experience for your students.



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