Moodle 1.9 Testing and Assessment

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  • Create a Moodle quiz intended to help instructors to efficiently develop and offer computer-based tests to their students inside their Moodle course
  • Create multiple-choice tests that are a big part of small-scale and standardized tests
  • Build a complete test by setting the various options such as Timing, Display, and others
  • Set up an adaptive and interactive Lesson to make students learn and understand
  • Test your students' listening and comprehension skills for details using audio, video, and forums
  • Evaluate reading skills using Moodle modules such as Timed reading quizzes and Hot Potatoes
  • Assess your students' speaking ability by recording multiple audio files and tracking their comments by using NanoGong and Voiceboard
  • Scrutinize your students' writing skills by using forums, portfolios, and pre-writing assignments available in Moodle
  • Track the progress of the tests to monitor students improvement by setting up Moodle Gradebook



Moodle is a free Course Management System (CMS), which is a web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites. Moodle also has many effective modules and assessment techniques for testing that can be used for any subject. Computer-based testing is inevitable in any online teaching course. As you consider the benefits of computer-based testing you will want to easily create tests and instantaneously assess them.

Moodle 1.9 Testing and Assessment puts together a variety of modules and activities that allow us to easily create and deliver a variety of tests on any subject. It is a step-by-step guide that will assist you to develop and assess simple as well as complex quizzes and tests.

You will initially learn to create different types of questions such as short answer questions, multiple choice questions, and so on. After you have learned to create questions, you will learn to integrate all of them in a Moodle quiz to create a complete test by tweaking the various options. Next you will learn to create and set up a Lesson, which you can use to create simple vocabulary or flash card tests or complex tests.

You will learn to test and assess students through work submitted using Moodle Workshop. This module also provides an opportunity for self- and peer-assessment of your student's work. Then you will learn skill-specific tests such as listening, reading, speaking, and writing tests that will help you to judge a person's ability in a particular field. At the end of this book you will learn how you can grade tests using Moodle Gradebook.

This hands-on guide helps you to establish optimal tests that can be graded using Moodle modules.

  • Create and evaluate interesting and interactive tests using a variety of Moodle modules
  • Create simple vocabulary or flash card tests and complex tests by setting up a Lesson module
  • Motivate your students to excel through feedback and by keeping their grades online
  • A well-structured practical guide packed with illustrative examples and screenshots


Page Count 392
Course Length 11 hours 45 minutes
ISBN 9781849512343
Date Of Publication 15 Dec 2010


Jason Myrick

Jason is interested in testing and assessments and computer delivery methods for testing. He has spent many hours playing with Moodle and teaching colleagues how to deliver tests with it. He decided that instead of a piecemeal approach, he would write a book that covers the basics of how to use Moodle to deliver tests and assignments for assessment.

Aside from working, he likes scuba diving, cooking, and good beer! He is currently developing a research proposal for a PhD in testing focused on computerized delivery methods and validity.