Moodle 1.9 for Teaching Special Education Children (5-10): Beginner's Guide

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  • Create activities to match composite pictures with sentences and rich exercises to stimulate both the attention and the concentration.
  • Search and organize 3D models to create a 3D scene and work with colors to define skill levels.
  • Learn to take advantage of a gamepad and a digital pen to create funny exercises.
  • Learn to save portions of the screen as new pictures to use in new activities and create activities to complete words of a sentence according to the pictures.
  • Use images and colors to evaluate the mental abstraction of instructions.
  • Use pictures, zones, elements, layers, words and colors to evaluate the children association capabilities and the reverse thinking process.
  • Create visual activities to find matching pairs and exercise audio patterns recognition and matching.
  • Combine videos, sounds, photos, letters, and words to improve long-term memory management.
  • Create a complex association activity with visual mathematical operations and their possible results.
  • Learn to combine pictures and symbols to improve the concentration when working with mathematical operations.
  • Work with image manipulation software to adjust color saturation levels and prepare images with different color tones to use in a colored sequence
  • Create exercises to help the parents of the child with SEN to interact with them.
  • Use different tools and resources to improve the memory.of the child with SEN

Moodle is a free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites. But what does it have to offer to the children with special educational needs who want a fun, inspiring, interactive, and informative learning experience? Moodle 1.9 empowers educators achieve all these set of rich experiences with many related activities - this book shows you how!

This book offers solutions to developing interactive courses and therapies for children with special education needs who are between the age group of 5 to 10 years. It teaches to combine Moodle 1.9 with the opportunities offered by Web 2.0, free and commercial software, and general purpose hardware devices. This book will guide the reader step-by-step in using many different tools to create exciting experiences to offer great motivation to children with special educational needs, considering the opportunities for online education.

This book will help the reader to build interactive and rich online content oriented to children with special educational needs using different techniques and open source tools. It teaches you to create exercises as if you were playing with children at the school, the zoo, the beach, the supermarket, a birthday party, an aquarium, a farm, at the shopping, a circus or at home. You will be able to work with drawings, music, sounds, videos, photographs and text, and you will combine all these pieces into nice experiences for children who need to find extra motivation to improve their learning skills.

Besides, it will teach you to take advantage of general purpose, non-expensive hardware like gamepads, joysticks, digital pens also known as pen-sketches, multi-touch screens, netbooks and touchpads. The usage of some of these hardware devices combined with visually rich activities usually offer children an extra motivation to focus on solving the exercises.

  • Focus on building rich and interactive activities to create least restrictive environments, your students will want to go on day after day
  • Learn to use netbooks, gamepads, touch screens, microphones, and Webcams to motivate children
  • Take advantage of all the new possibilities offered by the creation of rich User Experiences in your activities
  • Ideal for teachers who are new to Moodle as it is easy to follow and abundantly illustrated with screenshots of the solutions you'll build
Page Count 324
Course Length 9 hours 43 minutes
ISBN 9781849510943
Date Of Publication 8 Jul 2010


Vanesa S. Olsen

Vanesa Olsen is a Speech Therapist. She has been working for more than five years in therapeutic centers, schools, and hospitals. She has been applying modern technologies in language disorders and learning disability treatments, and in helping schools to keep the students in the least restrictive environment. Specifically, she has been working with Moodle as an e-Learning platform, Alice and other tools, combined with the usage of Web 2.0 and general purpose modern hardware as gamepads, pen sketches, touch screens, netbooks and joysticks. She enjoys helping children and teenagers to improve their skills.
She has written another book for Packt Publishing, Moodle 1.9 for Teaching Special Education Children (5-10): Beginner's Guide.
She lives with her husband, Gaston, and her little son, Kevin. When she is not working she devotes her spare time to her family and hobbies. She enjoys modeling in cold porcelain, swimming, and researching about new technologies and techniques to apply in her treatments.
You can contact her at and at