Microsoft Visio 2013 Business Process Diagramming and Validation

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  • Master new Visio features supporting structured diagrams and validation
  • Learn about new validation functions including how to create and modify validation rules to verify diagram correctness
  • Successfully implement out-of-the-box content for Visio 2013
  • Publish custom Visio templates that enforce company diagramming standards
  • Build a Visio add-on for increased ease when creating rules or analyzing existing rules
  • Use the provided Rules Tools add-on to export validation rules to XML
  • View diagrams with corresponding issues using annotations
  • Integrate validated diagrams with SharePoint 2013 and Office365

Microsoft Visio is a diagramming program which ultimately allows business professionals to explore and communicate complex information more effectively. Through easy-to-understand visual representations, Visio enables you to present complicated data in a clear and communicative way. Therefore, productivity is increased by utilizing the wide variety of diagrams that can convey information at a glance as data can be understood and acted upon quickly. This book enables business developers to unleash the full potential of Visio 2013 Professional Edition.

Microsoft Visio 2013 Business Process Diagramming and Validation is a focused tutorial with a range of practical examples and downloadable code that shows you how to create business process diagramming templates with Visio, enabling you to effectively visualize business information. It draws on real business examples and needs and covers all the new features of Visio 2013 Professional Edition.

This focused tutorial will enable you to get to grips with diagram validation in Visio 2013 Professional Edition to the fullest extent, enabling you to perform powerful automatic diagram verification based on custom logic and assuring correct and compliant diagrams. You will learn how to create and publish rules and how to use the ShapeSheet to write formulae. There is also a special focus on extending and enhancing the capabilities of Visio 2013 diagram validation and on features that are not found in the out-of-the-box product, like installing and using the new Rules Tools add-on complete with source code, reviewing the new diagramming rules in flowcharts and BPMN templates, and creating your own enhanced Data Flow Model Diagram template complete with validation rules.

Microsoft Visio 2013 Business Process Diagramming and Validation begins by covering the basic functions of Visio 2013 before moving on to discuss how to formulate your own validation rules and how to use the Visio Object Model. ShapeSheet functions are explored in detail as well as how to create validation rule sets and visualizing issues, with practical demonstrations along the way. It also covers integration with SharePoint 2013 and Office365 and how to build a Rules Tools add-on using C#, how to create test and filter expressions, and how to publish validation rules for others to use. Finally, the book concludes with the creation and implementation of a new RuleSet for Data Flow Model Diagrams with a worked example. By following the practical and immediately deployable examples found in this book, you will successfully learn how to use the features of Microsoft Visio 2013 and how to extend the functionality provided in the box.

  • Optimize your business information visualization by mastering out-of-the-box structured diagram functionality with features like basic and cross-functional flowcharts
  • Create and analyze custom validation rules for structured diagrams using Visio 2013 Professional
  • Get to grips with the validation logic for business process diagramming with Visio 2013 Professional with the provided Rules Tools add-on
Page Count 416
Course Length 12 hours 28 minutes
ISBN 9781782178002
Date Of Publication 25 Nov 2013


David J. Parker

David J. Parker, being frustrated as an architect in the late 80s trying to match 3D building models with spreadsheets, explored linking Unix, CAD, and SQL databases in the early 90s for facilities and cable management. In 1996 he discovered the ease of linking data to Visio diagrams of personnel and office layouts. He immediately became one of the first Visio business partners in Europe, and was soon invited to present his applications at worldwide Visio conferences. He started his own Visio-based consultancy and development business, bVisual ltd (, applying analysis, synthesis, and design to various graphical information solutions. He presents Visio solution providers and Visio Services courses for Microsoft EMEA, adding personal anecdotes and previous mistakes hoping that all can learn by them. He wrote his first book, Visualizing Information with Microsoft Office Visio 2007, to spread the word about data-linked diagrams in business, and his second book, which is about creating custom rules for validating structured diagrams in Visio 2010, has now been updated and extended for Visio 2013. He wrote WBS Modeler for Microsoft, which integrates Visio and, Project, and many other Visio solutions for various vertical markets. David has been regularly awarded Most Valued Professional status for his Visio community work over the years, and maintains a Visio blog at Based near to Microsoft UK in Reading, he still sees the need for Visio evangelism throughout the business and development community, and has been touring many European capitals over the last two years spreading the word of intelligent business diagramming with Visio and SharePoint.