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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Marketing Automation

Alok Singh, Sandeep Chanda

Implement effective marketing strategies using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781782177227
Paperback128 pages

About This Book

  • Hands-on and illustration focussed guide for beginners and expert marketers.
  • Detailed features of marketplace solutions explained to help marketers understand advanced email marketing concepts and capture profile and product usage data through web and social channels
  • Step by step information on creating marketing lists, campaigns, campaign responses, dashboards and reports with lots of screen shots for easy illustration.

Who This Book Is For

If you are a marketing manager, business analyst, or a CRM functional expert who wants to leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 to create effective marketing strategies and run efficient campaigns, this book is for you. The book provides several step-by-step, hands-on examples and exercises for beginners to learn marketing concepts and create advanced marketing strategies for experts, respectively. There are no specific prerequisites but an awareness of basic marketing and CRM concepts will be useful.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with CRM Marketing
Present day marketing
Marketing challenges
Marketing automation with CRM
Understanding lead funnel
Chapter 2: Segmentation with Marketing Lists
Marketing lists and types
Assembling marketing lists
Managing marketing lists
Chapter 3: Marketing Campaigns
Quick campaign
Marketing campaign
Creating the campaign
Planning activities
Campaign activities
Target lists
Sales literature, products, and price list
Executing a campaign
E-mail templates
Closing a campaign activity
Campaign templates
Related campaigns
Tracking campaign costs
Chapter 4: Campaign Response and Performance
Capturing a campaign response
Managing a campaign response
Converting a campaign response to a lead or an opportunity
Measuring a campaign response
Chapter 5: Marketing Metrics, Analysis, and Goals
Key marketing metrics
Marketing charts
Marketing reports
Marketing dashboards
Marketing Goals and Goal Metrics
Chapter 6: Enhance CRM Marketing with Marketplace Solutions
Marketing automation with ClickDimensions
Marketing automation with CoreMotives

What You Will Learn

  • Implement basic marketing concepts such as lead funnel and close loop marketing
  • Create and manage targeted marketing lists tailored towards your audience
  • Plan, create, and execute your marketing campaign
  • Capture the campaign response of your marketing campaign
  • Measure the performance of your marketing campaign
  • Understand the marketing analytics reports and dashboards
  • Enhance out-of-box CRM marketing capabilities with marketplace solutions

In Detail

This practical guide offers you a clear business perspective of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and helps to make your marketing efforts more profitable. The book is organized into six chapters with the intent of helping you become an effective marketer. Beginning with an introduction to marketing concepts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, you will learn about marketing lead funnel and the concept of targeted and customer-centric marketing lists.

You will be able to plan, create, and execute marketing campaigns in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. You will then move on to capturing and managing the campaign responses to measure the campaign performance. You will use CRM analytics and dashboards to manage your marketing goals. Finally, you will learn to enhance the capabilities of your campaign using third-party tools. In short, you will be guided in every phase of your marketing efforts.


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