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Mastering Lumion 3D

Ciro Cardoso

Master the art of creating real-time 3D architectural visualizations using Lumion 3D
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783552030
Paperback286 pages

About This Book

  • Create professional architectural visualizations in seconds using real-time technology
  • Learn the inbuilt Lumion effects to enhance your project to an expert level
  • Covers in-depth practical and real examples along with clear instructions to create real-time visualizations

Who This Book Is For

This book is designed for all levels of Lumion users; from beginner to advanced, you will find useful insights and professional techniques to improve and develop your skills in order to fully control and master Lumion.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Ready for Lumion 3D
Starting to work with Lumion
A quick overview
Modeling for Lumion
Importance of materials
Exporting the 3D model
Common problems and solutions
Chapter 2: Creating a Project in Lumion
Creating a scene in Lumion
Importing a proxy or a low geometry 3D model
Sculpting the terrain
Working with the Terrain submenu
Workflow optimization (best practices)
Using Lumion's layers
Chapter 3: Importing 3D Models
The importance of planning
Importing 3D models
Adding Lumion's objects to the scene
Placing the 3D models
Rearranging 3D models
Updating a 3D model with new geometry
Replacing 3D models
Common problems (troubleshooting)
Locking a 3D model
Chapter 4: Applying and Creating Materials
Material or texture
A quick overview of Lumion's materials
Working with materials
Using imported materials in Lumion
Creating materials in Lumion
Organizing materials
Common problems (troubleshooting)
Chapter 5: Creating Your 3D World
Lumion models – a quick overview
Project planning
Placing and controlling 3D models in Lumion
The remarkable Context menu
Editing the properties of a 3D model
Creating grass and using the Scatter elements
Chapter 6: Lighting in Lumion
Lumion lighting – a quick overview
Exterior lighting with the Weather menu
Interior lighting with Lumion's lights
Chapter 7: Creating Realistic Visualizations
Special effects – fire, smoke, and fog
Photo and Movie effects
Sun study – what is it and how can it be useful
Tweaking shadows using the Shadow effect
Creating realistic reflections
Improving the realism with Camera effects
Working with Horizon and Volume Clouds
Render still Images with the Photo mode
Chapter 8: Non-photorealistic Visualizations with Lumion
Non-photorealistic rendering
Benefits of using NPR's illustrations
How can Lumion help us?
Moving, deleting, and hiding effects
How to use the artistic effects
Conceptual visualization with the Painting, Watercolor, and Sketch effects
Technical illustrations with the Manga and Cartoon effects
Chapter 9: Animation Techniques
Lumion's Movie mode – a quick overview
Creating a movie in Lumion
Motive and the need to create a storyboard
Lumion's Movie mode – the workflow
Chapter 10: Creating Walk-through Visualizations
Lumion's video effects – a quick overview
Best practices – copying effects from the Photo mode
Editing the scene in the Movie mode
Improving the movie using additional effects
Visual effects – Rain, Snow, and much more
Enriching the movie using sound
Playing safe with the Broadcast Safe effect
Final touches using the Titles and In/Out effects
Rendering the final movie

What You Will Learn

  • Import external 3D models and place Lumion's native models
  • Make height maps and detailed terrains
  • Design complex animations using layers and curved paths
  • Control Lumion's effects to add a special touch
  • Create and control believable materials
  • Produce believable renders with real camera effects
  • Organize your project with layers and manipulate the 3D models
  • Solve common problems and develop a production workflow

In Detail

Lumion uses real-time 3D technology to provide immediate visualizations and create images in a fraction of a second without the long hours of rendering. With an outstanding collection of high-quality plants, trees, cars, buildings, people, and materials, any complex and challenging task can be handled easily by Lumion.

This is a practical guide featuring time-saving techniques along with established production tips for efficiency and swiftness in producing professional architectural visualizations in Lumion. The initial chapters provide a solid foundation by covering the solutions for typical problems when modeling for Lumion and how to create realistic and proficient terrains. You will also learn the best techniques to create believable materials and populate the 3D world with Lumion's models. Special chapters are reserved not only to improve the lighting and reflections in Lumion, but also to take the best from Lumion's effects. Finally, you will create powerful animations to bring life to any walk-through visualizations and export them as a movie or still images.


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