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Mastering Adobe Captivate 7

Damien Bruyndonckx

Bring a new level of interactivity and sophistication to your e-learning content with the user-friendly features of Adobe Captivate. This practical tutorial will teach you everything from automatic recording to advanced tips and tricks.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783559886
Paperback532 pages

About This Book

  • Enhance your projects by adding interactivity, animations, sound, and more
  • Deploy e-Learning content on a SCORM, AICC, or a Tin Can-compliant LMS
  • Publish you project in a wide variety of formats including Flash and HTML 5

Who This Book Is For

If you are a designer, eLearning developer, or webmaster who wants to construct an interactive and fun-filled eLearning project using Adobe Captivate 7, this book is ideal for you. Just a basic knowledge of operating system is expected from developers interested in this book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Captivate
Obtaining Captivate
A glance at the Captivate production process
Touring the Captivate interface
Exploring the sample applications
Discussing the sample apps scenario
Meet the community
Chapter 2: Capturing the Slides
Choosing the right resolution for the project
Shooting your first movie
The inner working of the Captivate capture engine
Controlling Captivate during the shooting session
Exploring the preferences
Shooting the other versions of the project
Shooting with System Audio
The Video Demo recording mode
Automatic and manual panning
Rescaling a project
Meet the community
Chapter 3: Working with Standard Objects
Preparing your work
Working with the Properties panel
Exploring the objects of Captivate
Using the Align toolbar
Working with the Timeline panel
Adding effects to objects
Working with the Library panel
Meet the community
Chapter 4: Working with Styles, Master Slides, Themes, and Templates
Working with Styles
Working with the Themes
Creating a Theme
Working with Templates
Meet the community
Chapter 5: Adding Interactivity to the Project
Preparing your work
Working with Buttons
Discovering Rollover objects
Creating a simulation
Working with the Drag and Drop Interaction
Objects and Animations in Video Demo projects
Meet the community
Chapter 6: Working with Audio
Preparing your work
Adding audio to objects
Adding background music to the entire project
Adding audio to slides
Using Text-to-Speech to generate narration
Using the Advanced Audio Management window
Adding Closed Captions to the slides
Meet the community
Chapter 7: Working with Quizzes
Preparing your work
Introducing the quiz
Creating Question Slides
Previewing the quiz
Creating a Pretest
The Quiz Preferences
Working with Question Pools
Styling the elements of the Question Slides
Reporting scores to an LMS
Using as an alternate reporting method
Meet the community
Chapter 8: Finishing Touches and Publishing
Preparing your work
Finishing touches
Publishing a Captivate project
Meet the community
Chapter 9: Using Captivate 7 with Other Applications
Preparing your work
Integrating Captivate with PowerPoint
Localizing a Captivate project using Microsoft Word
Exporting the project to XML
Importing a Photoshop file into Captivate
Exporting to Flash Professional
Meet the community
Chapter 10: Reviewing a Captivate Project
Preparing your work
The review process at a glance
Distributing the project
Commenting a Captivate project
Collecting and addressing comments
Meet the community
Chapter 11: Variables, Advanced Actions, and Widgets
Preparing your work
Working with Variables
Working with Advanced Actions
Understanding and using Widgets
Working with Smart Learning interactions
Meet the Community

What You Will Learn

  • Utilize the panning feature and the automatic recording modes of Captivate
  • Add sophisticated interactivity to your demonstrations and simulations
  • Provide personalized feedback based on the actions and answers of your students
  • Embed sound and closed captions to your demonstrations and simulations
  • Deploy your simulations, demonstrations, and quizzes in any SCROM, AICC, or Tin Can-compliant LMS
  • Use the templates and the master slides to implement consistent formatting and rapid development
  • Exploit Captivate with other applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Power Point, and Microsoft Word
  • Unleash the true power of Captivate by using widgets variables and advanced actions

In Detail

Adobe Captivate 7 helps you rapidly author a wide range of interactive and HTML5-based e-Learning content with minimum programming. With Adobe Captivate 7, you can capture the on-screen action and also enhance your e-Learning projects by including animations, videos, Smart Shapes, buttons, and drag-and-drop interactions.

This book is a perfect introduction to Adobe Captivate 7. It will help you get started with the tool quickly and efficiently. This book demonstrates each and every feature of Adobe Captivate 7 giving you the expertise you need to create and deploy your own professional-quality e-Learning courses. You will be able to publish your work in various formats virtually on any desktop and mobile device.

This book will guide you through the creation of four e-Learning projects including a demonstration, an interactive simulation, a YouTube-like screencast, and a SCORM compliant quiz. The first part of the book will drive you through the three main steps of the Captivate production process. In the first step, you will use the powerful capture engine of Captivate to generate the slides and screenshots required for the project. In the second step, you will enhance your slides and screenshots using the objects provided by Captivate. These objects include animations, sophisticated interactions, videos, sound, and more. In the third step, you will make your projects available to the outside world by publishing them in various formats including Adobe Flash and HTML 5 so that you content can be played back on every desktop and mobile device. The second part of the book will focus on the advanced tools of Captivate. These tools include the questions slides that make up a quiz, SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can compliance, localization of your e-Learning content and widgets among others. In the last chapter, you will unleash the true power of Captivate by using the variables and the advanced actions to create a unique e-Learning experience.


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