Management in India: Grow from an Accidental to a successful manager in the IT & knowledge industry

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  • Grow from an individual Contributor to a Manager
  • Understand the top skills, traits and competencies expected of a Manager such as good communication, decision making, performance management, problem solving, easy-to-approach, and more
  • Understand the effects of attrition and how to successfully manage it
  • Understand the communication needs of your organization and role, set a communication model for your team, and deal with communication in today’s multi-cultural team environment
  • Build and nurture a positive team spirit to maximize productivity
  • Improve your management skills and grow as a manager by delivering consistently, getting diverse experience on your projects, networking with people, taking risks and more
  • Master the nuances of Planning in India

Most managers are untrained and need a foundation of management thought processes and frameworks. The market has books that are very theory heavy and generalized, and lack a certain focus. Nothing seen so far has the right context and balance of management theory and real world practical information.

Written by Rahul Goyal, a top manager at an IT firm, this book is an easy-to-read map to help you navigate the journey of being a manager in the knowledge industry. It will increase your effectiveness in applying skills needed daily, like hiring, communicating, motivating and planning. Learn from examples that you can relate to, and theories explained in context.

The books starts with raising a number of questions that knowledge industry managers face everyday. Then it  gives detailed explanation of the roles and responsibilities of being a manager and maps the classic Herzberg’s ten managerial roles into today’s knowledge industry context. Next it focuses on the transition from being an individual contributor to a manager, the typical issues one faces and how to make it easier in this transition phase. The next chapter digs into what is required to be a manager and the behaviours required for being a manager in India.

We then dive into the key aspects of being a manager such as how to build a team and create team spirit, understanding the process of hiring and figuring out the adequate compensation for a new hire, managing the critical campus hiring process, and understanding what motivates a knowledge worker.

Then the book covers the basic motivation theories, explained in an Indian context. The book will get into the details of performance evaluation processes and the common pitfalls of the same. You will learn how to plan for personal effectiveness and an execution plan for delivery.

Finally, we look beyond the basics of managing and explore how a manager can grow. It’s easy to get lost in the daily hustleand bustle and forget the essentials that can take you past your current career level. We look through some simple dos’ and don’ts and keep growth in perspective while being a manager.

  • Learn the basic paradigms and practical aspects that matter in the complex world of management, especially in the diverse, multi-cultural Indian corporate environment
  • Manage diversity and Gen Y, which are two important aspects of an Indian work environment
  • Understand how to hire and motivate people, evaluate performance, and manage attrition
Page Count 328
Course Length 9 hours 50 minutes
ISBN 9781849682626
Date Of Publication 24 May 2012
Know what you manage
Transition requires a mindset change
Help yourself, get help
Know your success measures
Managers wear multiple hats
Manager as a conduit
Team building — define playing positions
Team building — winning as a team
Communicate in a timely manner — reduce layers, add clarity
Motivation — Maslow's hierarchy of needs
Attrition — expect it, manage it
Planning and execution
Manage — all aspects


Rahul Goyal

Rahul Goyal is an accomplished manager with a rich experience of nearly two decades in the software industry. He began his career at UBICS, Bangalore as a programmer working on e-mail systems in India. He started managing people very early in his career and honed his skills in Bangalore, India, and then in Silicon Valley, USA working for Oracle Corporation. He now works as Director of Engineering at Intuit India. Rahul finds management in everything, such as a game of soccer or a line of ants carrying food or his two sons, sometimes in a tussel for the TV remote or suprisingly co-operating to clean their room. While working at Oracle, he went to IIM, Bangalore to get executive management education in general management. He is an avid reader and also writes a blog on management which can be found at He enjoys spending his spare time with family and friends or at the course playing golf.