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Mahara 1.4 Cookbook

Ellen Marie Murphy

Over 50 recipes for using Mahara for training, personal, or educational purposes
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849515061
Paperback308 pages

About This Book

  • Discover the flexibility of the Mahara system for portfolio use and web page development
  • Filled with tips and techniques for varied uses of features including HTML blocks, Journals, and Collections
  • Learn how to leverage the social networking components and groups features to build collaborative communities
  • Part of Packt's Cookbook series: Each recipe is a carefully organized sequence of instructions to complete the task as efficiently as possible

Who This Book Is For

Whether you are a student, an instructor, an administrator, or simply someone who would like to build your own portfolio, this book is for you. The range of recipes is wide, because Mahara's features can support portfolio development and use, regardless of level or purpose. This book requires only a very basic knowledge of Mahara.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Mahara for the Visual Arts
Uploading and sharing a single image
Protecting your opus
Making a photo journal using Picasa
Journaling a project from start to finish
See also
Building a simple gallery
Using the Collections feature to create a gallery with an audio-guided tour
Chapter 2: Literature and Writing
Uploading a group of documents, and sharing them using the Secret URL
A "Thought a Day" journal
A page of writing samples
A poetry chapbook
Thesis/research planning
Language acquisition journal
A Daily Gazette (Journalism page)
Chapter 3: The Professional Portfolio
Adding content to Résumé
A simple curriculum vitae
The cover letter
References and recommendations
The complete package: Cover letter, resume, and letters of reference
Complex resume: the professional portfolio
The promotion and tenure portfolio
Chapter 4: Working with Groups
Creating a group and adding members
Creating an interactive homepage for a course group
Creating a web page that features student projects
Creating templates
Creating a group newspaper using newsfeeds from student journals
Chapter 5: The Primary Education Portfolio
Submitting and locking pages
Using a student journal to help students learn how to write a research paper
Progress reports and the transference of artifacts
A simple template for very young students
Creating and using a simple template
A student portfolio of the primary education years
A reading list (book reports)
Using slideshow to create a book
International project
Creating a classroom page to share with families
Chapter 6: The Social Portfolio
Setting a theme and a layout for your profile page
Posting comments to a Wall
Chapter 7: The College Application Portfolio
The Art Portfolio and The Common Application: Art Supplement
Using HTML to create your unofficial transcript
Creating an academic achievements page
The Common Application: Extracurricular Activities & Work Experience portion
The Athletic Supplement
Chapter 8: Certification and Accreditation Portfolio for Higher Education
Building the ECIS International Teacher portfolio
Templates for meeting teacher certification standards
Getting ready
How to do it...

What You Will Learn

  • Customize a large number of views and apply them to your projects
  • Use Mahara and Moodle together to share resources and training materials
  • Use nested collections to build an extensive portfolio for Promotion and Tenure
  • Build standards-based templates for report cards or teacher certification
  • Embed images and sound clips to create an art gallery with an audio guided tour
  • Use textboxes and some HTML coding to enhance portfolio design
  • Learn formatting tips and techniques including adding banners, and methods for building various forms of navigation
  • Learn how to embed components from outside Mahara including RSS Feeds, VoiceThreads, and more
  • Learn how multiple student blogs can be used to create a group newspaper
  • Construct a complete resume package, including cover letter, that can be easily and rapidly customized for multiple employers
  • Create an illustrated book that can later become part of a large portfolio view
  • Use Mahara to create a College Application portfolio

In Detail

Mahara is an e-portfolio system that allows you to build dynamic and engaging portfolios in no time. Use Mahara when applying for jobs, creating portfolios for certification and accreditation, for classroom projects, book reviews, to create your own social network and much more. This book will show you the many different ways in which you can use Mahara, and how to exploit the various components of Mahara.

The Mahara 1.4 Cookbook will introduce you to features you probably have not explored, and show you how to use them in ways you probably had not considered.   The book also provides guidance in the use of  Gimp, Picasa, Audacity, Word and other programs that can be used to create artifacts. It will provide you with techniques for creating everything from dynamic and engaging web pages to complete projects, interactive groups, educational templates, and professional resume packages.

By exploring the recipes in this book, you will learn how to use each of the various blocks and content areas including the resume sections, Journals, and plans.  You will learn how to archive a portfolio, and set access levels.  We will build an art gallery,  a newspaper, use groups for collaboration and assessment, and use the Collections feature to build complex layered portfolios. You will also find recipes for building templates for standards-based report cards and teacher certification. The book is packed with ideas from the simple to the extremely advanced, but each idea is supported with step-by-step instructions that will make all of them seem easy.


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