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Mahara 1.2 E-Portfolios: Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide
Derrin Michael Kent, Glenys Gillian Bradbury, Margaret Anne Kent, Richard William Hand

Create and host educational and professional e-portfolios and personalized learning communities
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847199065
Paperback264 pages

About This Book

  • Create, customize, and maintain an impressive personal digital portfolio with a simple point-and-click interface
  • Set customized access to share your text files, images, and videos with your family, friends, and others
  • Create online learning communities and social networks through groups, blogs, and forums
  • A step-by-step approach that takes you through examples with ample screenshots and clear explanations

Who This Book Is For

Pick this book up if you want to get started with Mahara.
This book is for you if:

  • You are a student/learner wanting to maintain online documentation of your projects and share it with a particular teacher/trainer for feedback
  • You are a teacher wanting to set up an e-portfolio for your students in order to encourage and advance personalized and reflective learning
  • You are a professional wanting to share your journals and project documents with your team by sharing your existing knowledge and creating new knowledge in communities of professional practice
  • No previous experience of Mahara is required.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What Can Mahara Do for Me?
Portfolios go electronic
Ways of using Mahara
Time for action - looking at some real-life Maharas
Why Mahara?
Join the Mahara community
Time for action - registering and exploring further
Chapter 2: Getting Started with Mahara
Registering with a Mahara site
Time for action - registering onto the demonstration site
Logging in for the first time
Time for action - logging in
Mahara's user interface—finding your way around
Setting up your own profile
Time for action - editing your profile
Time for action - uploading your profile icons
Time for action - editing your resumé goals and skills
Your profile page
Time for action - viewing and investigating your profile page
Adding a text box to your profile page
Time for action - creating a text box for your profile page
Time for action - editing a text box by adding a hyperlink
Time for action - adding an image to your text box
Chapter 3: Add Files and Blogs to Your Portfolio
Putting your files online
Time for action - adding some folders and files to your Portfolio
Time for action - multiple file upload
Time for action - creating your first Mahara blog
Linking to files, folders, and blogs in your Profile Page
Time for action - linking to files, folders, and blogs in your Profile Page
Chapter 4: Views
What are Views in Mahara?
Time for action - creating and laying out your View
Adding/removing columns from your View
Time for action - changing your View layout
Time for action - adding View details
View access
Time for action - editing your View access
Making a View copyable
Deciding who can access your View
Time-limiting access
Editing your View once you have created it
Copying Views
Time for action - copying a View
View feedback
Time for action - feedback on a View's content
Best practice example multi-page view
Time for action - linking Views together to make a multi-page View
Assessing the quality of your View
Chapter 5: Working in Groups and Interacting with Friends
Time for action - creating a group
Group types
Navigating your new group
Time for action - opening up and navigating around your group
The groups shortcut sideblock
Joining an open membership group
Time for action - joining a group in
Managing your group members
Time for action - removing group members and changing roles
Group forums
Time for action - creating a forum
Forum moderation
Managing your forum
The exciting bit: Forum topics
Time for action - adding a discussion topic
Naming forums and their topic subjects
Posting to a topic
Time for action - replying to a topic post
Group files
Group views
Finding Groups
Time for action - finding and joining a group
Joining a request membership group
Time for action - requesting to join a group
Accepting/Denying requests to join a group
Making friends!
Time for action - finding friends and adding them to your list
Responding to a friend request
Managing your friends
Time for action - filtering and removing friends
Chapter 6: Site Settings and Exporting Your Portfolio
Time for action - changing your preferences
Preferences in the right sidebar
Time for action - managing your notifications
Activity preferences
Time for action - choosing your activity preferences
Exporting your portfolio
Time for action - exporting your portfolio
Chapter 7: Institution Administrators, Staff Members, and Group Tutors
What is an institution?
Time for action - adding users to your institution
Bulk uploading users to your institution
Time for action - adding institutional users by CSV
Editing user account settings
Time for action - finding a user and suspending them
Masquerading as another user
Managing member roles in your institution
Time for action - managing your institution's members, staff and admins
Configuring your institution's settings
Dealing with admin notifications
Institution views and files
Less learner-driven aspects of Mahara
What is a course group?
Time for action - setting up a Course: Controlled Membership group
Publicly viewable groups
Time for action - adding a Tutor to your course group
Submitting work for assessment
Time for action - submitting a view to a course group for assessment
Time for action - releasing a view submitted for assessment
Putting it all together into an assessment process
Time for action - an example assessment process with Mahara

What You Will Learn

You will learn to:

  • Create folders in Mahara – just like on your own computer – with an easy file search facility
  • Upload multiple files – journals, reports, presentations, videos, and sound clips – easily and set permissions for your group to view, edit, and delete them
  • Create a blog in Mahara and get connected to the rest of the world
  • Make an impressive profile using Mahara profile fields and tailor your own profile view
  • Create a new web page entirely from scratch and customize it to allow much more flexibility and control over who sees what and when
  • Set an environment to receive public or private feedback on your pictures, videos, and articles
  • Connect with other Mahara users and get social: discuss topics of common interest in forums and share views with each other
  • Customize and administer your Mahara site to our own preferences using a number of configuration settings for easy administration

In Detail

Mahara is a user-centred environment with a permissions framework that enables different views of an e-portfolio to be easily managed. These views helps you display your artefacts – text files, spreadsheets, images, and videos – in a way you choose and to the people you want. You can also create online communities and social networks through groups, blogs, and forums.

Being a novice, you will need a quick and easy implementation guide to set up your feature-rich digital portfolio.

This book is your step-by-step guide to building an impressive professional e-portfolio using Mahara. It covers the key features of Mahara that will help you set up your customized digital portfolio and display the artefacts in your preferred way allowing contribution from selected users only.

This book will introduce to the exciting features of Mahara framework and help you develop a feature-rich e-portfolio for yourself. You will see how easily you can create folders, upload multiple files like journals, project documents, pictures, and videos and share them with your friends. You will learn to set up views of these files, making these visible to your chosen friends only. And then, you will allow people to give their inputs.

You will learn to create blogs and forums and get connected to the rest of the world. Customization and administration of your Mahara site will become easy after you have gone through this book. Imagine how good you will feel when you will see your knowledge, success, and ideas going live and available to your chosen audiences for their inputs.


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