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Lumion 3D Cookbook

Ciro Cardoso

Revolutionize your Lumion skills with over 100 recipes to create stunning architectural visualizations.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783550937
Paperback258 pages

About This Book

  • Build spectacular architectural perceptions in seconds using real-time technology
  • Learn how to apply the inbuilt effects in Lumion to enhance your project to a whole new level
  • Bursting with practical examples, and simple, clear instructions to help you produce advanced visualizations with an expert level

Who This Book Is For

This practical guide is designed for all levels of Lumion users who know how to model buildings in 3D and a basic understanding of Lumion, who want to enhance their skills to the next level.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Importing in Lumion
Importing your own 3D models
Importing animations from 3ds Max
Navigating in Lumion
Relocating your imported 3D models
Reverting your last action
Locking your 3D model's position
Organizing your 3D world with layers
Updating your imported 3D models
Replacing an imported 3D model
Chapter 2: Placing the Content
Placing 3D models
Copying 3D models
Removing 3D models
Placing models on the terrain
Placing multiple 3D models
Randomizing the size of 3D models
Configuring 3D models
Placing 3D models accurately
Chapter 3: Manipulating and Controlling 3D Models
Selecting multiple 3D models
Selecting different categories
Transforming and selecting any 3D model
Spacing multiple 3D models
Aligning different 3D models' orientations
Snapping multiple 3D models
Randomizing 3D models' orientation
Rotate on model
Constraining the 3D model's rotation
Chapter 4: Constructing Your World
Shaping the terrain
Configuring the terrain brushes
Working with the Terrain menu
Changing the landscape
Painting the landscape
Blending the 3D model with the terrain
Working with heightmaps
Adding water in Lumion
Creating a seashore
Chapter 5: Controlling the Weather
Defining the sun's direction
Modifying the sun's settings
Tweaking the shadows
Tuning the skylight
Adding soft shadows
Configuring the global illumination
Modifying and animating the clouds
Setting up fog
Making it rain and snow
Controlling the wind
Using the Sun study effect
Chapter 6: Working with Lumion Materials
Rolling back materials
Configuring materials
Making the 3D model invisible
Creating a realistic glass
Saving materials
Streaming water
Glowing materials
Adding realistic grass
Improving reflections
Correcting flickering
Chapter 7: Special Features
Creating fire
Adding fumes and vapors
Placing fountains
Falling leaves
Adding text
Using the clip plane
Controlling effects in the Movie and Photo modes
Checking effects in real time
Chapter 8: Getting Realism with Camera Effects
Using the Bloom effect
Adding lens' errors
Correcting the color
Separating objects with DOF
Simulating the Lens flare effects
Using God rays
Adding noise
Isolating colors with Lumion
Using the Vignette effect
Sharpening your image
Chapter 9: Non-photorealistic Effects
Adding a Manga effect
Using toon shading
Painting your image
Drawing with a pencil
Painting with Watercolor
Creating stills
Using special formats
Creating and combining different NPR effects
Chapter 10: Bringing Your World to Life
Creating a camera path
Changing clips
Animating the 3D models
Bringing people to life
Controlling the camera
Animating curved paths
Animating the camera's focus
Using motion blur
Animating the layers
Configuring the Near Clip Distance effect
Animating effects
Chapter 11: Creating Videos
Affecting individual clips
Affecting the entire video
Handling the clips
Creating transitions
Camera effects
Using the Titles effect
Framing and composition
Adding sound
Chapter 12: Rendering
Exporting videos
Rendering individual clips
Rendering stills
Rendering an image sequence
Broadcasting on TV
Working with perspectives
Rendering passes
Chapter 13: Lighting
Using spotlights
Previewing spotlights
Configuring the properties of light
Setting up shadows
Tweaking the Global Illumination effect
Using the Exposure effect
Working with reflection control

What You Will Learn

  • Use Lumion's real-time lighting technology to bring your 3D models to life
  • Create and control the weather using Lumion effects
  • Discover how to set up special effects and use them to boost your projects
  • Learn how to create complex animations using layers and curved paths
  • Produce believable renders with camera effects
  • Benefit from the Global Illumination effect and other lighting elements in Lumion to produce beautiful interior renders
  • Organize your project with layers and manipulate the 3D models

In Detail

Lumion 3D Cookbook is a practical guide filled with time-saving techniques and tested production tips to help you produce professional architectural visualizations in Lumion quickly and efficiently.

This book is packed with recipes covering everything from importing 3D models to lighting. The topics covered include adding special effects, working with materials, animation, terrain sculpting, realistic camera effects, and rendering. With this book, you will progress from an intermediate to an advanced level user with the help of detailed instructions which demonstrate the practical applications of Lumion's features to get you fully equipped to work in your own production environment.


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