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Learning VirtualDub: The Complete Guide to Capturing, Processing and Encoding Digital Video

Georgios Diamantopoulos, Sohail Salehi

Get started fast, then master the advanced features of VirtualDub, the leading free Open Source video capture and processing tool
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Book Details

ISBN 139781904811350
Paperback212 pages

About This Book

  • This book is available as a free download, scroll down for more information
  • Capture and process broadcast, digital, home, streaming video
  • Cut, paste and edit ads, trailers, clips
  • Demos and walkthroughs of processing sample videos
  • Written by video and VirtualDub enthusiasts and experts

Who This Book Is For

This book is written by VirtualDub enthusiasts for new and intermediate users. It's ideal if you are just starting with video processing and want a powerful and free tool, or if you've already started with VirtualDub and want to take it further.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introducing VirtualDub
What is VirtualDub?
The World of VirtualDub
About this Book
Installation Preview
About VirtualDub
About VDubMod
About AviSynth
Downloading and Installing VirtualDub
Downloading and Installing VDubMod
Downloading and Installing AviSynth
Desktop Icons and Your Default Player
Chapter 2: Video Capture Equipment
Analog Video Resources
Digital Video Resources
Different Types of Capturing Devices
What to Buy
Chapter 3: Capture Preprocessing
Defining an Input Source for VirtualDub
File Settings
Audio Settings
Video Settings
Capture Settings
Chapter 4: Processing with VirtualDub
VirtualDub Processing Functions
Example Processing
Chapter 5: Basic Functionality
Extracting Stills
Chapter 6: Video Filtering in VirtualDub
How Filters Work
Built-In Filters
Cropping and Resizing
Adding More Filters to Your Collection
Chapter 7: Professional Video Editing
Installing a New Plug-in
Logo Removal Filters
Image Processing Filters
Filters for Fun
Chapter 8: Advanced Topics
Color Television
Frame Rates
Dealing with Interlaced Sources
Hazardous Habits—How to Preserve Quality
Recovering Damaged Files
Manually Controlling Input/Output Colorspaces
Chapter 9: Frameserving
What is AviSynth?
What Frameservers Can Do
Setting Up the VirtualDub Frameserver
Serving Frames with VirtualDub
Setting Up AviSynth
Introduction to AviSynth Scripts
Chapter 10: Compressing: A World of Codecs
Interoperability and Open Standards
Older Codecs
Adding Codecs
Compressing Video
Compressing the Audio

What You Will Learn

  • Capturing high quality video from a variety of sources
  • Using filters to clean the image to give crisp, high quality images
  • Adding special effects and adjusting colour levels
  • Removing unwanted segments from videos, or combining several snippets into a single movie
  • Adding subtitles and captions
  • Get rid of unwanted sections such as on-screen logos and crop out unnecessary parts of the screen
  • Compressing your video for distribution without compromising on picture and sound quality


In Detail

VirtualDub is one of the most popular video processing applications for Windows. As an open source application, it's free, and is constantly updated and expanded by an active community of developers and experts. VirtualDub is particularly popular for capturing video from analogue sources such as video tape, cleaning up the image and compressing it ready for distribution over the Internet.

This book provides a rapid and easy to use tutorial to the basic features of VirtualDub to get you up and running quickly. It explains how to capture great quality video from various sources, use filters to clean up the captured image and add special effects. The book also shows how to use VirtualDub to cut and paste video to remove or insert sequences, including removing ad breaks or trailers. It goes on to cover the art of effective encoding and compression, so you end up with great quality videos that won't hog your bandwidth forever.

VirtualDub is the fastest and most effective way to capture, process and encode video on your PC. This book gets you started fast, and goes on to give you full control of all the features of this legendary tool.


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