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Learning Anime Studio

Chad Troftgruben

Bring life to your imagination with the power of Anime Studio
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849699570
Paperback354 pages

About This Book

  • Draw and rig cartoon assets using a set of robust tools
  • Breathe life into your animated productions with in-depth sets and props
  • Learn tips and tricks to add appealing effects to your animated cartoons

Who This Book Is For

Learning Anime Studio is for newcomers to Anime Studio or animation in general.  Hobbyists and newcomers with ambitions of being an animator will get the most out of this book.  However, intermediate and long time users will be able to use various chapters as a reference to some of Anime Studio’s tools and features.  The book also serves as a guide for the new enhancements introduced in Anime Studio Pro 10.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Stepping into the World of Animation
Constructing your animation blueprint
Differing techniques offer various experiences
Introducing Anime Studio
Installing Anime Studio
Opening Anime Studio for the first time
Editing Anime Studio preferences
Setting up your first document
Chapter 2: Drawing in Anime Studio
Mouse versus tablet drawing
Understanding the basics of vector and raster graphics
Exploring the Draw and Fill tools
Chapter 3: Exploring Layers and Timelines
Simplifying layers
Controlling layers with different tools
Creating and working with layers
Mapping out animation
Changing your view of the action
Chapter 4: Enhancing Your Art with the Layer Settings Panel and Style Palette
Exploring the Layer Settings panel
Animating layer effects
Other general options for layers
Applying shadows and shades to the layer
Designing with the Style palette
Chapter 5: Bringing a Cartoon Character to Life
Thinking about design
Understanding the basics of bone animation
Labeling, coloring, and hiding bones
Animating bones
Creating dynamic bones
Understanding basic Smart Bone actions
Working with Smart Bone dials
Creating your first character
Rigging your character
Polishing things up
Chapter 6: Developing Your Cartoon's Scenery
Being consistent
Discussing scene design
Setting up shots effectively
Drawing your scenery
Creating scene depth
Polishing up your scene
Chapter 7: Creating a Library of Actions and Assets
Setting up a content folder
Saving assets to the library
Searching for assets and adding them to the Favorites folder
Importing assets from the library
Editing your library assets
Creating variations of your library assets
Importing a project file's assets directly
Bringing in third-party library files
Importing other file types
Using built-in library assets
Creating reusable animations using the Actions panel
Inserting references versus inserting copies
Working with scripts
Chapter 8: Animating Your Characters
Following your blueprint
Animating characters nonlinearly
Finding a workflow
Putting it all together
Opening the scene file
Bringing in your characters and props
Experimenting with character animation
Incorporating facial expressions
Creating a conversation
Chapter 9: Exporting, Editing, and Publishing
Previewing your work
Choosing your file format
Exporting your scenes
Exploring different video editors
Breaking down the editing process
Creating titles in a video editor
Exporting your completed project
Finding an audience

What You Will Learn

  • Write outlines and screenplays for your projects
  • Draw your very own cartoon character with an impressive set of draw and fill tools.
  • Rig a character using the advanced bone system
  • Take advantage of the different layer types such as Vectors, Bones, and Switches
  • Use the Channels, Sequencer, and Motion Graph timelines to control the animation in every aspect of your production
  • Create unique effects using different brushes and layer settings
  • Design props and set pieces for your character to inhabit
  • Combine your animated scenes with video editing software
  • Render your videos for distribution on websites such as YouTube and Vimeo


In Detail

Anime Studio is your complete animation program to help you create cut-out, anime and other types of cartoons. You can create your own animated shorts and use Anime Studio to produce cartoon animations for film, TV, or streaming over the Web. Anime Studio is great for hobbyists and professionals alike, combining tools for both illustration and animation. With Anime Studio’s easy-to-use interface, you will be creating an animated masterpiece in no time.

This practical, step-by-step guide will provide you with a structured path for designing an animated cartoon and gives you a strong foundation to create your future projects. This book also serves as a great reference guide for Anime Studio Pro 10’s new features.

This book starts by getting you acquainted with the tools and features of Anime Studio Pro 10. You will then learn how to utilize them to create a cohesive and polished package. You will dive into the Anime Studio drawing tools, layer types, and various panels to create and rig a cartoon character as well as design background scenes and props. Everything is then combined, animated and polished. Finally, you will take everything you have created and edit it together so that it can be distributed online through websites such as YouTube and Vimeo.


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