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Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Edition 12.0 Cookbook for Experts

Jaime Campbell, CPA, MBA, CTT, MCT

60 plus recipes to save time and increase effectiveness in data entry, supervision, and business management for both public and industry accountants with this book and ebook
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849685146
Paperback220 pages

About This Book

  • Become agile with keyboard shortcuts and time-saving techniques which are most valuable to practitioners
  • Be a hero with troubleshooting tips and error-finding methods
  • Learn the latest features available in this edition, whether you’re upgrading from Premier or from a prior version of Enterprise Edition
  • New techniques for achieving standard and unconventional results with QuickBooks
  • Illustrated step-by-step approach designed not only to instruct but also to inspire experts to stretch what is possible - without having to become a programmer

Who This Book Is For

This book is written for CPAs, CAs, consultants, CFOs, controllers, managers, or bookkeepers with extensive experience with QuickBooks. Prior experience with the Enterprise Edition, however, is not required. You should have a thorough understanding of accounting procedures and a mastery of the basics of the QuickBooks environment.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Special Capabilities of the Enterprise Edition
Customizing user permissions
Creating highly-customized reports with ODBC
Using the Employee Organizer
Chapter 2: Customizing the Interface
Customizing the icon bar
Customizing the home page
Customizing QuickBooks windows
Shortening the data entry process for customer payments
Chapter 3: Items
Setting up items for different purposes
Using group items
Configuring items for fund accounting
Configuring inventory assembly items
Creating standard item-based reports
Creating customized item-based reports
Chapter 4: Special Tools
Using the History button
Running the Transaction Journal report
Producing a single-transaction audit trail
Extracting customer and vendor histories
Distinguishing between the the Search and Find tools
Chapter 5: Customizing Reports
Creating an "Unearned income by customer" report
Creating an "Accrued interest payable by lender" report
Creating an "Uncleared transactions" report
Capturing unbilled items simultaneously
Memorizing reports
Sharing reports
Preparing a custom Profit & Loss report with the QuickBooks Statement Writer
Chapter 6: Memorized Transactions
Memorizing transactions for automatic entry
Memorizing transactions for assisted entry
Editing a memorized transaction
Configuring reminders for memorized transactions
Grouping memorized transactions
Chapter 7: Customer and Vendor Relations
Creating and transmitting custom batch letters
Customizing invoices, purchase orders, and other documents
Using the Collections Center
Applying customer credit limits
Creating and utilizing custom fields
Chapter 8: Troubleshooting
Clearing stale undeposited funds
Adjusting cash basis receivables or payables balances
Writing off stale receivables
Writing off stale payables
Balancing the balance sheet
Classifying unclassified transactions
Reclassifying Opening Balance Equity transactions
Classifying uncategorized income or expenses
Resolving opening balance discrepancies in bank reconciliations
Chapter 9: Keyboard Shortcuts
Using the Ctrl key shortcuts with lists
Using the Ctrl key shortcuts with transactions
Using the Alt key shortcuts
Using date shortcuts
Using other shortcut techniques
Chapter 10: Integration with Excel
Combining reports from multiple entities
Setting up reports for optimal exporting
Updating exported reports
Using Excel to edit lists hyperefficiently
Chapter 11: Supervisory Tools
Using memorized reports for supervisory activities
Creating customized item-based reports to detect errors
Detecting errors with standard reports
Using the Attached Documents feature to spot-check transactions
Using the Audit Trail feature to gather supervisory intelligence
Chapter 12: New for the 12.0 Edition
Refreshing Excel reports
Using the Advanced Inventory features
Making a period copy
Using Find & Select during data entry

What You Will Learn

  • Customize the QuickBooks environment and reports to match your working style and business operations
  • Optimally set up Items and other tools to get the most valuable information from your accounting records
  • Save time with relevant keyboard shortcuts, data entry shortcuts, and reporting shortcuts
  • Successfully manage your customer and vendor relationships by using QuickBooks in surprising ways
  • Increase supervisory efficiency and effectiveness with troubleshooting techniques and error-checking tools
  • Expand reporting and analysis capabilities by further exploring integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Set up QuickBooks for enterprise-level concerns including multi-user permissions, add-on services, and document storage
  • Create reports to strengthen relationships with your key customers, vendors, investors, and other stakeholders

In Detail

QuickBooks Enterprise Edition 12.0 is accounting software that is both user-friendly and sophisticated. The interface is visual and intuitive, but feature-rich for mid-size businesses, as well as complex, growing small businesses.

QuickBooks Enterprise Edition 12.0 for Experts is a cookbook with specific recipes for time-saving shortcuts, valuable customized reports, and surprising ways to use this accounting software to support decision-making in your small or medium-sized business.

With QuickBooks Enterprise Edition 12.0 Cookbook for Experts you can choose a topic of value and learn specific, practical techniques usable in your own QuickBooks file or in a sample file.

This book is rooted in the longstanding features of QuickBooks and includes the newest tools, whether you’re upgrading from Premier or from a prior version of the Enterprise Edition. Topics include customizations, time-saving methods, integration with Microsoft Excel, and special tools and setup techniques for hyper-efficient information retrieval and analysis.

Whether you are an independent or industry accountant, whether you are a book-keeper, controller or CFO, QuickBooks Enterprise Edition 12.0 Cookbook for Experts will help you to expand what is possible in your business.


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