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  • Enter notes and rhythms into MuseScore
  • Insert articulations, dynamics, and markings
  • Modify the key signature, time signature, and tempo
  • Transpose passages and deal with the transposing instrument
  • Extract parts for individual musicians
  • Format your music cleanly to give it a professional touch
  • Print your music and save it as an audio file
  • Add several verses of lyrics to your score for chorus or solo voice
  • Write passages using chord-symbol notation

MuseScore is a free and Libre music notation program, suitable for everyone from music students to professionals. In recent years, MuseScore has established itself as one of the leading score-writers for those looking to take the quality of their sheet music to the next level. From large-scale orchestral works to short piano/vocal songs, MuseScore makes the process easy so you can focus on the music instead of the technology.

Instant MuseScore takes readers through the process of notating music in a simple and straightforward manner. Starting with the basics and adding tips to our toolbox as we go, we learn to utilize the most important features of MuseScore. Instant MuseScore will help you become familiar with the tools that you will need to make great music whether or not you have used music notation software before.

This book will introduce you to the key features of MuseScore, and shows you how to typeset very complicated scores while steering clear of some common trouble spots.
You will start by understanding the most notable features that will help you to enter music into MuseScore. Using these as a base, we will explore additional techniques necessary for more complex projects, and learn how to give your score a professional touch. Towards the end of the book, you will be confident enough to create quality sheet music and natural-looking scores with an unbeatable software package.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Enhance your musical scores with articulations, text, and lyrics
  • Engrave your music and extract parts skilfully
  • Playback, print, and export your music to an audio file
Page Count 54
Course Length 1 hours 37 minutes
ISBN 9781783559374
Date Of Publication 25 Aug 2013


Maxwell Shinn

Maxwell Shinn is a composer currently located in the Minneapolis region. He first discovered MuseScore in 2009, and shortly thereafter began using it as his exclusive music notation software package. Later, he began contributing to the community by compiling the GNU/Linux nightly builds. Max has composed two full length musicals in MuseScore, as well as works for orchestra, concert band, chamber ensemble, instrumental solo, and others. Additionally, Max is known for releasing his works to the public, allowing for unlimited performance, recording, and even modification under the Creative Commons BY-SA license. These works are available for download from his website,