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  • Learn to personalize your LinkedIn network
  • Add a vanity URL and applications to your profile
  • Optimize your searching using the Job Feature and groups
  • Connect status updates to Twitter and Facebook
  • Increase your popularity on LinkedIn and grow your connections
  • Analyse your network and profile visitors
  • Add additional sections to your profile

LinkedIn is a great social media platform which helps you connect with people online professionally. The website is very user friendly and this book itself covers the most important tools for job seekers and professionals as a whole with guaranteed results. Once you learn the basics from this book, you can master and explore the areas you enjoy the most.

The book will take you through a broad range of topics on customizing your LinkedIn profile so it’s personalized to your needs and preferences.

"Instant LinkedIn Customization How-to" is written in such a way that each recipe is an independent new feature of LinkedIn. You can learn and apply a new concept by just reading any recipe.

You will learn about customizing your profile, showcasing your works and projects to other users. Reach out to target recruiters and customers by growing your lifelong network and becoming popular. Discover different ways of finding jobs, using groups and much more.

You will learn the art of customizing your profile and experience of networking using LinkedIn.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Each recipe in the book helps you personalize your LinkedIn network
  • Increase your popularity on LinkedIn and grow your connections by making the most of your profile
  • Full of illustrations, diagrams, and tips with clear step-by-step instructions and practical examples
Page Count 50
Course Length 1 hours 30 minutes
ISBN 9781849694254
Date Of Publication 11 Feb 2013


Anmol Jain

Anmol Jain has been studying the innovations in social networking and their impact on people over the past few years. He believes that the growing impact of social networking websites over the years will change the way people interact personally and professionally, and he is keen to share his knowledge with us. Anmol is currently pursuing his MBA from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Prior to pursuing his MBA, Anmol has worked in the advisory teams of reputed consulting companies in India and Hong Kong, such as KPMG and Ernst & Young, and provided business and IT solutions to their clients.