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  • Download and install Haml
  • Integrate Haml with your Rails application
  • Convert all existing view templates automatically
  • Add Haml to your development editor
  • Use Haml with Twitter Bootstrap Framework

Haml is a markup language used to rapidly develop Rails view templates (or HTML pages). It is used by professional developers and praised for its cleanliness, human friendliness and usage agility. It functions as a replacement for inline page templating systems such as PHP, ASP, and ERB - the templating language used in most Ruby on Rails applications. Haml is itself a description of HTML and hence it avoids the need for explicitly coding HTML into the template with some code to generate dynamic content.

A practical guide which shows you a number of examples of Haml usage and then lets you dive into more advanced features to help you take full advantage of rapid development of view templates in your Rails applications. This book will show you how you can use Haml to create beautiful, easily maintainable and concise view templates without the hassle of writing in HTML.

Starting by showing you how to install Haml and how to integrate it into your Rails application, this practical guide will then teach you how to create the elements of a view template. This book will introduce you to the important features of Haml, show you how to integrate Haml with your development editor, and how to make it work with the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

This book will also show you how to convert existing view templates. With this book, you will be able to integrate Haml into your current application setup and development workflow.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Step-by-step instructions that will help you integrate Haml into your current application setup and development workflow
  • Learn how to speed up development of view templates
  • Understand Haml options, configuration and Rails-specific features
Page Count 52
Course Length 1 hours 33 minutes
ISBN 9781783283781
Date Of Publication 24 Sep 2013


Krzysztof Niksiński

Krzysztof Niksiński is a Ruby On Rails developer from Warsaw, Poland. He has been a Ruby On Rails freelancer since 2003 and regrets that he started using HAML only four years ago in his projects, because it would have saved his lot of time and efforts. He loves to create web applications, which use multiple technologies in synergy, as well as configure all the underlying layers of the application servers, databases, and operating systems. Playing with all the systems that make Internet work is his daily bread and butter. He grew up in Warsaw, where he attended the Warsaw University of Technology. Later, he started to work as an Internet Systems administrator in a bank, where he learned all the details of Internet services and protocols. He later fell in love with Ruby and started his own Ruby On Rails development company. At the time of this writing he also works as a Middleware Infrastructure Administrator for Acxiom, a marketing technology and services company. Krzysztof spends his free time creating electronic music, playing basketball with his friends, or training his dog, Goofy.