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  • Build your own customised profiles and control settings on iOS devices
  • Explore the full power of the Apple configurator
  • Develop creative workflows for successful deployment
  • Back-up and restore important documents and devices
  • Secure and monitor your iOS devices with automated mobile device management enrolment
  • Fully control how you deploy and manage applications
  • Secure remote VPN or Wi-Fi network credentials

The Apple configurator is an incredible piece of software which grants full control in mobile device management, but on a larger scale. The popularity of people taking their own devices to work has grown tremendously. However, valued professional and personal information is at risk, through loss, theft, or hacking.

Instant Apple Configurator How-to is a hands-on guide that eliminates any worries that are associated with the deployment and security of iOS devices. This book provides practical, quick win solutions to combat these issues, with clear, concise, and informative examples providing solutions to secure, remote wipe, and encrypt devices. The book will further explore how to personalize iOS devices for configuration and deployment.

With the Instant Apple Configurator How-to, learn to build profiles with customised control settings, with examples on how to capture device information and use console logs for added protection. You will become skilled at tracking and installing provisional profiles for greater security. We will also explore developing workflows for successful deployment, installing software and applications whilst managing files on iOS devices, and how to deploy enrolment profiles for mobile device management solutions en masse. If you are looking for a complete guide that provides simple solutions to complex problems, look no further.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Configure group settings to personalize and secure your devices
  • Deploy multiple profiles
  • Upload and manage mass applications swiftly and easily
Page Count 88
Course Length 2 hours 38 minutes
ISBN 9781849694070
Date Of Publication 26 Mar 2013


Charles S. Edge

Charles S. Edge has been working with Apple products since he was a child. Professionally, Charles started with the Mac OS and Apple server offerings in 1999 after working of years with various flavors of Unix. Charles began his consulting career with Support Technologies and Andersen Consulting. As the chief technology officer of 318, Inc., a consulting firm in Santa Monica, California, Charles built and nurtured a team of over 50 engineers, which was the largest Mac team in the world at that time. Charles is now a product manager at JAMF Software, with a focus on Bushel (

Charles has spoken at a variety of conferences including DefCon, BlackHat, LinuxWorld, MacWorld, MacSysAdmin, and Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Charles has also written 12 books, over 3,000 blog posts, and a number of printed articles on Apple products.

TJ Houston

TJ Houston is the Director of Technology for Huron City Schools and has worked with educators for over 5 years. A significant amount of this time has been focused on:

  • Google Apps
  • iOS devices (deployment and training)
  • Basic computer skills
  • Interactive white boards
  • Video editing and multimedia

TJ has a degree in Business with a focus on IT. He is an author, blogger, podcaster, photographer, and trainer. He is passionate about helping educators and administrators learn about 21st century education as well as sharing resources that further the educational process.