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  • Learn how to develop industry-standard scripts with excellent formatting
  • Customize your layout to suit your own preferences
  • Edit individual Scene properties for maximum efficiency
  • Track changes during your creative process, without losing access to your original content
  • Tag objects and characters in scripts for quick references
  • Create Breakdown Reports for an easy review of your script

Adobe Story makes it easy for anybody to create a well-rounded script, and gives you the power to develop an entire project from start to finish. Setting up predetermined styles in different word processors can be time- consuming and even a little confusing! With Adobe Story, all documents contain the default and proper formatting for any desired professional script format.

Have you ever wanted to put together your own screenplay? In this essential guide, script formatting is fully explained alongside some shortcuts and new ways to enhance your work with Adobe Story. You'll discover that the script-writing process is more accessible to even the newest, inexperienced writer.

"Instant Adobe Story Starter" will take you through a concise yet straight-forward journey, introducing you to elements used in all industry-standard scripts, as well as other features geared towards streamlining the pre-production process. You will also be able to harness the different types of script templates available to you, alongside the wide array of other features that Adobe Story provides to bolster your creativity.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Create a variety of fantastic industry-standard scripts
  • Develop and implement highly professional storyboards
  • Learn how to work with Scene Elements
  • Discover how to create, categorize and manage multiple projects and reviewers
Page Count 74
Course Length 2 hours 13 minutes
ISBN 9781849694278
Date Of Publication 22 Jan 2013


Christopher Tilford

Christopher Tilford has a degree in English Literature, aside from writing and literature, Christopher has been a freelance graphic and web designer for over 6 years. He founded AzurePro Studios in 2006 as a way for him to bring life to his own creative ideas. Over the years he has met with numerous creative individuals and has developed an extensive network of talented connections. He has a background in advertising and brings his creative flair and enthusiasm to the table. An avid creative enthusiast, he is the author of Shattered Heaven: Sins of the Soul and its subsequent three sequel novels. He took up screenwriting in 2007 when he began to venture into animation. With plans of producing an animated movie based on one of his novels, he found Adobe Story in 2011. Through Adobe Story, he was able to organize a full screenplay for his movie and begin the production process thanks to the tools Story had to offer. Not just a writer, he has made it his joy to become proficient in all things Adobe. From writing to graphic design and animation, Christopher has set no limits to what he would like to accomplish.