Inkscape 0.48 Essentials for Web Designers: LITE

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  • What Inkscape is and how it can be used for web design
  • Create complex shapes and draw your own objects with the Bezier tool
  • Use grids and guidelines to make aesthetically pleasing pages
  • Everything about site layouts—from architecting a website to exporting image files
  • Export your design mock-ups to share them with other people
  • Add illustrative and web-ready diagrams, maps, and designs to your website

Do you think that your website could do with more visual appeal? Enter Inkscape 0.48 Essentials for Web Designers—the only book specifically tailored to using Inkscape for web design. 

Inkscape 0.48 Essentials for Web Designers walks you through the challenge of using Inkscape from a web design perspective in the easiest way possible. The Inkscape graphics editor is powerful, but getting started is often difficult. Learn everything you need to know about enhancing your website—from site layouts to charts and diagrams—whether you are looking for a new website design or just some eye-candy.

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  • The first book on the newly released Inkscape version 0.48, with an exclusive focus on web design
  • Incorporate eye-catching designs, charts, and other visual elements to spice up your web pages
  • Learn how to create your own Inkscape templates in addition to using the built-in ones
  • Written in a simple illustrative manner, which will appeal to web designers and experienced Inkscape users alike
Page Count 104
Course Length 3 hours 7 minutes
ISBN 9781849516181
Date Of Publication 12 May 2011


Bethany Hiitola

Bethany Hiitola is a working writer and technology geek. With a degree in Scientific and Technical Communications, she's worked as a technical writer and multimedia developer for over 12 years—she spends the rest of her time as a wife, mother, gadget geek, and Master of the Household. She's written more user manuals than she can count, essays, novels, and a few technical books—including Inkscape 0.48 Essentials for Web Designers. More details are at her website: