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ImageMagick Tricks

Sohail Salehi

Unleash the power of ImageMagick with this fast, friendly tutorial and tips guide
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Book Details

ISBN 139781904811862
Paperback232 pages

About This Book

  • Complete tutorial and a gallery of tricks and techniques
  • Create impressive image manipulations and animations on-the-fly from the command line or within your programs
  • Complete PHP-based sample applications show how to use ImageMagick to add pizzazz your web site

Chapter 3 - Convert and Mogrify


Who This Book Is For

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
ImageMagick Features
ImageMagick’s Core Utilities
Chapter 2: Installation and Configuration
Where to get ImageMagick
What are the Installation Requirements?
How to Install ImageMagick from Binaries
How to Install ImageMagick from Source
Chapter 3: Convert and Mogrify
Convert Syntax and Options
How to Draw Basic Shapes with Convert
Painting Methods
Basic Transformations
Artistic Options
Mogrify Syntax and Options
Chapter 4: Composite and Montage
Composite Syntax and Options
Chapter 5: Identify, Display, and Import
Chapter 6: Animation
Animate Syntax and Options
How to Display an Animation
How to Create an Animation
How to make Complex Animations
Chapter 7: Conjure
Conjure Syntax and Options
What are the Valid Key-Value Pairs for MSL files?
Chapter 8: Practical Web Projects
How to call ImageMagick Command-line Utilities within PHP code
How to Save the Result of an Online Image Processing Task
How to Start Sessions for our Visitors
Building a Confirmation-Code Box
Online Image Water Marking
Chapter 9: An E-Card Application
Wizard Step 1: How to Receive Images
Wizard Step 2: How to Write Text on Input Images
Wizard Step 3: Final Image
Chapter 10: Exciting E-Card Designs
E-card A: Simple Letters
E-card B: Write on Curved Surfaces
E-card C: Carving Technique
How to Make Input Text more Flexible
Creating a Parameterized Book Cover Generator Page

What You Will Learn

  • Understand what ImageMagick can do and why you will want to use it
  • Install the ImageMagick software on your own computer or a server, and understand your way around it
  • Create exciting text effects and produce eye catching logos and headings for use in your pages or applications
  • Slice, dice, and filter your images turn simple photos into mind-bending designs and illusions
  • Create thumbnails by converting file types, resizing, and cropping to consistent size, aspect ratio, and format. Or create complete image catalogues with thumbnails, file names, and information combined in a single image.
  • Make your images look 3D with clever application of blurs, displacements, and masks
  • Extract information from your files such as size, compression levels, and source information
  • Use ImageMagick to create GIF animations, from simple slideshows to gradual morphs and effects
  • Generate ImageMagick scripts in MSL using the conjure utility
  • Write web applications such as an advanced e-card generator, and even create your own Packt book cover!
  • Crystal clear explanations – this might be Magick, but there's no smoke and mirrors!

In Detail

The book is packed with interesting and fun examples. We had a lot of fun coming up with cool ways to demonstrate ImageMagick's power, and we're sure you'll have fun learning how to create them.

Although the printed book is in black and white, there is a full colour PDF of the screenshots freely available that includes all of the images in the book. Use it to see exactly what the ImageMagick effects look like in colour, or browse through it and see just what you'll learn to do with this book.

ImageMagick is a free software suite to create, edit, and compose bitmap images using text-based commands. The commands can be issued from the command line, but more often will be included in web or desktop applications – carrying out complex image-manipulation tasks in response to the user's input.

ImageMagick is a popular way for generating images on-the-fly in web pages, whether it's generating thumbnails from a large image, or creating complex combinations of images, text, and effects chosen by a visitor or the web site's creator.


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