IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials: A User's Guide

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  • Configure Sametime preferences for the Lotus Notes client and Lotus iNotes web client to customize your Sametime experience to your way of working
  • Explore how you can better access the skills of individuals in your organization using Sametime Advanced features like skill-tap, instant polls, frequently asked question lists, and broadcast communities
  • Customize your Sametime instant messaging with emoticons, text styles, auto spell-check, graphics, attachments, and hyperlinks to help make your everyday business communication more fun and effective
  • Discover tips for adding voice and video to enhance your online chat and meeting experiences
  • Use chat histories, text styles, file uploads, and emoticons to communicate more information in less time
  • Connect to other Sametime users outside your organization and other instant messaging systems, using a single chat client to manage all your interactions
  • Create and manage online meeting rooms to bring together everyone you need for a specific meeting
  • Share information as if you were sitting next to the other person using voice and video in your chats and meeting rooms
  • Communicate wherever you happen to be using Sametime Mobile on mobile devices like Blackberries and Windows Mobile
  • Participate in ongoing group chats on a particular topic, storing the information for quick reference
  • Manage your incoming and outgoing phone calls, which saves money and gathers all your communications into a single interface
  • Learn how Sametime 8.5 and 8.5.1 will take your Sametime experience to new levels of seamless collaboration with browser-only clients for instant messaging and online meetings, along with support for new client platforms like the iPhone and iPad



IBM Lotus Sametime software allows you to collaborate and communicate with others in real time. By using Sametime, you can communicate with your peers and teammates with the Sametime Connect client, embedded Sametime integration with Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook e-mail, or on mobile devices like a Blackberry. You will be able to connect to your colleagues via text, voice, video, or by setting up an online meeting with colleagues in several sites or countries getting the information you need to do your job and make better and faster decisions.

This user guide enables you, no matter what your skill level, to develop and increase your knowledge of Sametime and how to use each feature from start to finish. It shows how you can effectively collaborate with your colleagues and teammates both in your organization and outside your organization by using the features of Sametime. It's practical, and most of all, fun!

This book takes you from the basics of Sametime through to the most advanced features with a focus on real work-related situations along with plenty of screen prints to guide you. You'll learn everything from how to conduct a quick chat to conducting an online meeting. Or perhaps you want to learn how to take advantage of Sametime's telephony features or set up an online poll? The book starts by teaching you how to install Sametime and set up a contact list of people with whom you interact. Next, you learn how the chat feature of Sametime works, from using basic text to sharing screen-capture images. You learn how to use Sametime both within an organization and with other external instant messaging services like AOL, Yahoo, and Google. However, Sametime isn't restricted to just the Sametime client. You learn how to use Sametime from a web browser as well as from a mobile device. Meeting rooms with screen sharing, whiteboarding, audio, and video features are covered, as well as how Sametime integrates into an organization's phone system so that you can have a single place to go for all your communication and collaboration needs. Learn how Sametime advanced features like persistent chats and broadcast communities can help your project teams stay organized. And finally learn about Sametime 8.5 and 8.5.1.

  • Collaborate securely with your colleagues and teammates both inside and outside your organization by using Sametime features such as instant messaging and online meetings
  • Make your instant messaging communication more interesting with the inclusion of graphics, images, and emoticons to convey more information in fewer words
  • Communicate with other instant messaging services and users, such as AOL Instant Messaging, Yahoo Instant Messaging, and Google Talk and know how someone's online status can help you communicate faster and more efficiently
  • Discover how the Sametime Meeting Center can maximize the productivity of teams in your organization with the use of online meetings, training session playback, seamless voice/video integration, and screen sharing
  • See how Sametime works in common, every-day, real-world situations with tips, resources, and detailed screenshots


Page Count 284
Course Length 8 hours 31 minutes
ISBN 9781849680608
Date Of Publication 21 Sep 2010


Marie L. Scott

Marie Scott is the Director of Email Services at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. She holds a bachelor of science in biology from James Madison University and a certificate in information systems from Virginia Commonwealth University. Marie has held dual advanced certifications in Notes/Domino administration and development since version 4.0, and she is an IBM Certified Advanced Security Professional for Domino. Marie began working with Lotus Notes in 1996, and she has worked in networking, systems integration, and email systems since 1987. Her primary interest is in Domino administration in complex environments. She has managed large email migration projects including a project transitioning university students to cloud computing. Marie is a speaker at conferences featuring IBM/Lotus technologies. Marie has written for The View (Wellesley Information Services) and with Tom Duff coauthored IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials: A User’s Guide (Packt Press, 2010). Marie is an IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions: Marie’s blog can be found at:

Thomas Duff

Thomas Duff (also known as “Duffbert”) is a software developer focusing on Lotus collaboration technologies in Portland, Oregon. He started working with Lotus Notes in 1996 in version R3 and has written and maintained hundreds of applications in large enterprises through the years. He also holds Lotus principal development certifications starting at version 4 and going up to version 8, as well as Microsoft and Java certifications. Tom is a prolific writer, both in various industry publications and at his website, Duffbert’s Random Musings, at He also is a frequent speaker at conferences and events focusing on Lotus technologies. Tom and Marie Scott coauthored IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials: A User’s Guide (Packt Press, 2010). Tom is an IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions: