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iAd Production Beginner's Guide

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  • Create full-screen HTML5 banners for the iPad.
  • Prepare and optimize your content and media for mobile delivery, so your ads work efficiently and load faster on low-power devices.
  • Create ads using Apple’s templates, which give you pre-built functionality in your ad, giving you more time to focus on the visual impact of your brand.
  • Preview and test your interactive ads on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Effective ways of generating revenue or brand awareness with your ad, using tools like store finders, digital downloads and virtual coupons.
  • Create hi-resolution ads for the iPhone's retina display and the iPad’s large multi-touch screen.
  • Submit and track your campaigns with Apple in the iAd Network.
  • Incorporate iAd advertisements in your own app to generate additional revenue from your ad.

Think of an iAd as a micro-app contained within an app on a user’s iPhone or iPad that they’ve downloaded from the App Store. When the user taps your advert’s banner it bursts into life filling the entire screen of their device.

iAd Beginner’s Guide takes you through the start to finish process of building rich, compelling, interactive iAds. You will learn to create beautiful multi-page ads with store finders, social sharing, 3D images and video galleries.

You will create ads that utilize the powerful technologies in the iPhone to make your brand shine. Once you have engaged the user you can carry out targeted advertising campaigns with location-based coupons, store finders and social engagement. Using the iTunes Store you will see how it’s even possible to add one-click digital content purchasing right within your ad. Learn how iAd producer manages all the HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 behind your iAd. You will be creating emotive, gripping and effective mobile advertising campaigns in no time.

  • Create interactive iAd mobile adverts that appear in applications downloaded from the App Store.
  • Learn to use the drag and drop visual tool, iAd Producer, to create ads without any experience with the underlying technologies.
  • Reach an audience that downloads over 200 apps per second and leave a lasting, memorable image of your brand with rich immersive ads.
Page Count 340
Course Length 10 hours 12 minutes
ISBN 9781849691321
Date Of Publication 23 Feb 2012
Including media in iAds
Overcoming mobile constraints
Working with images
Time for action — cropping images using Preview
Time for action — cropping a selection
Time for action — removing solid colors
Time for action — optimizing an image
Including audio
Time for action — converting an mp3 to work on iOS
Incorporating video
Time for action — encoding a video
Getting iAd Producer
Time for action — installing iAd Producer
Working with iAd Producer
Setting up your ad
Time for action — creating a new project
Getting the resources
Building your banner
Time for action — making the banner
Time for action — changing the background
Time for action — adding an image
Time for action — supporting all orientations
Making a splash
Time for action — making the splash screen
Previewing the ad
Time for action — testing your iAd
Adding a menu
Time for action — making a menu
Building the core ad pages
Time for action — making the image gallery
Time for action — shake shake shake
Time for action — store finder
Testing in Safari
Time for action — going on Safari
Testing in the simulator
Time for action — installing Xcode with the Mac App Store (easy)
Time for action — installing Xcode manually (harder)
Time for action — opening an ad
Time for action — simulating hardware in the simulator
Time for action — simulating different devices
Testing on the device
Time for action — putting iAd Tester on your devices
Time for action — exporting our iAd
Time for action — copying our ad to the device
Time for action — testing the ad
Time for action — wireless deployment
Submitting your ad
Time for action — publishing on the network
Tackling common problems
Time for action — validating your iAd
Time for action — checking the network you're connected to
Sharing a demo
Time for action — taking a screenshot
Time for action — lights, camera, action
The templates
Time for action — creating a banner
Using splash screens and preroll videos
Time for action — prerollin'
Using the menu templates
Time for action — making the menu
Creating more pages
Time for action — pages
Creating more advanced styles
Time for action — where's your style?
Time for action — what a state!
Going beyond templates with objects
Time for action — adding objects
Time for action — more objects
Tweaking the transitions
Time for action — transitions
Adding some animation
Time for action — animations
Finishing touches
Opening external websites
Selling digital products
Time for action — downloading an app from our ad
Time for action — getting iTunes Store IDs
Time for action — fixing our ad
Advanced store finders
Time for action — adding a store finder
Time for action — hidden pages
Sending a message
Time for action — sending the message
Creating an iPad iAd
Time for action — setting up an iPad project
Time for action — adding a banner to your iPad ad
Filling the screen with HTML5 full screen banners
Time for action — providing multiple banner creatives
Time for action — creating an immersive video experience
Time for action — testing full screen banner situations
Making massive menus
Time for action — combining objects to create a unique menu
Creating a grand gallery
Time for action — making memories in a gallery
Scrolling content with a scroll view
Time for action — scrolling content in our ad
Increasing footfall with a store finder
Time for action — adding the store finder
Accessing page objects
Time for action — accessing an object
Handling user events
Time for action — detecting a tap and sending an e-mail
Time for action — adding something extra to our e-mail
Adding a calendar entry
Time for action — using the calendar
Playing audio
Time for action — controlling an audio player
Tweeting with Twitter
Time for action — tweeting the tweet
The debugger
Finding your audience
Pricing models
Measuring success
Time for action — viewing the logs
Customizing the logs
Time for action — customizing the logs
Time for action — using sections
Going live
Tracking the campaign
Setting up the base project
Time for action — a placeholder app
Time for action — running on the device
Adding the banner to your view
Time for action — adding the banner
Handling orientation changes
Time for action — you spin me right round
Handling no available ads
Time for action — ban the banner
Time for action — clean the code
Enabling live ads
Time for action — signing the dotted line
Time for action — enabling ads
Monitoring your income
Time for action — analysing earnings
Time for action — adding another ad


Ben Collier

Ben Collier is a web designer and mobile application developer based in Brighton, UK. He runs Ocasta Studios, a web and mobile digital agency in sunny Brighton. He specializes in responsive HTML5 websites/webapps and awe-some iOS applications.