Getting Started with tmux

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  • Increase productivity by using tmux rather than a mouse to switch between terminal windows
  • Persist sessions on remote machines over SSH with tmux, making it easy to resume right where you left off even if your connection is terminated
  • Learn how tmux can be used to create persistent dashboards for monitoring servers
  • Use tmux to manage multiple terminal windows from a single one
  • Maximize terminal productivity with tmux
  • Maintain the state even when a terminal window is closed with tmux
  • Configure tmux and customize it for your needs

We will begin with a simple introduction to tmux and learn some ways in which it can help increase productivity in your daily terminal usage. From there, we'll move on to configuring and customizing tmux to make it work, look, and feel the way that best suits your needs. Along the way, we have tutorials and screenshots aplenty so that you can follow along and avoid feeling lost. We'll also explain some of the core concepts of tmux, including the way it uses sessions, windows, and panes in order to divide content and running programs.

We'll touch on how to perform basic manipulation of text to copy and paste text from one window to another or even from one file to another. We'll learn how to use tmux for fault-tolerant SSH sessions or pair programming, and we finish by discussing some other open source tools that can be used alongside tmux to help make it even more powerful.

By the end of this book, we will have a much better understanding of tmux and its capabilities with the tools necessary to turbocharge our terminal experience.

  • Discover how tmux and its powerful features maximize your terminal usage in an easy and approachable manner
  • Minimize your mouse usage when switching between terminal windows to increase productivity
  • Packed with real-world examples that give this concise guide an edge over the stock tmux documentation
Page Count 148
Course Length 4 hours 26 minutes
ISBN 9781783985166
Date Of Publication 23 Sep 2014


Victor Quinn, J.D.

Victor Quinn, J.D., is a technology leader, programmer, and systems architect whose area of expertise is leading teams to build APIs and backend systems.

Currently, he is building the API and backend system for SocialRadar, which is a startup that builds mobile apps that provide real-time information on people around you.

Prior to joining SocialRadar, Victor led a rewriting of the financial processing online forms and APIs for NGP VAN, which is a company that processed billions of dollars in campaign contributions during the election year of 2012. The system he orchestrated is on track to process even more contributions in the coming election years. He led his team to build a system that included auto-filling and a sign-on system, enabling future contributions with a single click. All of these features were rolled up in a JavaScript single page app, making a fully functional payment processing form embeddable into even a static web page with a single tag.

He has spent many years honing his skills with command-line tools such as tmux in order to be maximally efficient in his work. His editor of choice is Emacs and he uses the Dvorak keyboard layout.

He has Bachelor of Science degrees in Physics and Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a Juris Doctor with focus on Intellectual Property Law from Western New England University. He is an Eagle Scout and a registered patent agent.

He lives in the Washington, D.C., metro area with his wife and Great Dane and enjoys brewing his own beer and riding his Harley.