Excel 2010 Financials Cookbook

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  • Normalize financial data in Excel, so that data from different sources can be easily compared
  • Organize your money and finances in the best way to enable easy and powerful analysis of that data
  • Present your financials graphically using charts and other methods
  • Discover powerful analysis functions in Excel, and combine existing functions to create new ones

Excel is one of the mostused software tools in the world and just about every business has a copy somewhere. Despite its power and flexibility it is not always clear how to use it to perform some of the most important tasks in any business: organizing, analysing, and presenting financial information.

Excel 2010 Financials Cookbook contains a rich collection of useful techniques for handling financial data in Excel. From integrating data from a variety of different sources, through organazing and analyzing financial data, to presenting it in a variety of graphical forms, this book has you covered.

The book deals first with "normalizing" financial data -- that is, bringing data from a number of different sources into a single format where you can analyze them together. Then you'll learn techniques for managing and analyzing the data before discovering ways to present it graphically. The book then looks at Excel's built in features for financial analysis, and even shows how you can combine the built in features to build your own analysis functions.

  • Harness the power of Excel to help manage your business finances
  • Build useful financial analysis systems on top of Excel
  • Covers normalizing, analysing, and presenting financial data
  • Clear and practical with straight forward, step-by-step instructions
Page Count 260
Course Length 7 hours 48 minutes
ISBN 9781849691185
Date Of Publication 13 Jul 2011


Andre Odnoha

Andre Odnoha has been working within the business and technology field for many years combining his knowledge of business and information technology. With his knowledge in both software and hardware related to computer systems and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Andre works to combine and utilize technology from a business perspective.

Andre has over 11 years of experience in computer software and hardware and has programmed numerous software applications designed for medical billing, e-commerce, and content management.