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EVE Online: ISK Strategy Guide

Y. Michael Xu

Cheating won’t get you far in EVE Online, but expert knowledge will. Written by a fanatical gamer, this unofficial guide can make you an ISK billionaire using a range of awesome strategies, from mining to fighting pirates.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849693745
Paperback212 pages

About This Book

  • Immerse yourself in the EVE Universe and amass untold wealth
  • Get a jump start in the EVE economy and be immediately competitive in any ISK making career
  • Filled with screenshots and tables that walk you step-by-step through your career from start to finish.

Who This Book Is For

Whether you are new pilot plugging into your first capsule or have years of experience in EVE, this book is for you. No prior knowledge of EVE Online required.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: I Want to Play EVE for Free!
What is ISK?
Creating your persona
The first days
Chapter 2: When I Grow Up I Want to be a (Wealthy) Miner
Why mining?
Getting started
Taking mining to the next level
The ultimate miner
Chapter 3: Mission Running
Why mission running?
Mission types
Picking an agent
Rewards for mission running
Chapter 4: Making ISK with Manufacturing
Why manufacturing?
Getting started
BPOs, BPCs, research, and invention
Expanding your manufacturing empire
Planetary Interaction
Chapter 5: Getting Rich Fighting Incursions
What are Incursions?
Why fight Incursions?
Reward for fighting Incursions
Chapter 6: Playing the Market
Why trading?
Tools of the trade
Types of trading
Secrets of trading
Chapter 7: I Can Has Friends
Why join a player corporation?
Career benefits of a corporation
Chapter 8: The Geek Stuff
Mining lasers
Ore types and mineral yields
NPC damage types
Mission agents locations
Planetary Command Center upgrade levels
Web resources

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the workings of the EVE economy and EVE as a whole
  • Progress through the career of a miner and provide the raw materials for the industry of EVE
  • Where to find and pick agents for mission running to increase standing and to receive really cool rewards
  • Grow a manufacturing empire from producing basic ammo and modules to the most advanced ships in EVE
  • Fight the Sansha pirates that threaten New Eden while earning ISK and other rare rewards
  • Take hold of every little advantage and turn it into huge profits on the markets of EVE
  • Find friends, form corporations and forge alliances

In Detail

New Eden, a universe of beauty, destruction and unlimited potential. Take on the role of a capsuleer and forge a story and empire that spans vast regions of space that is uniquely your own. But in order to forge your story and empire, it takes ISK and lots of it.

The ISK Making Guide to EVE Online teaches you the inner workings of each ISK making career choice. Learn the tricks of the pros and avoid the hidden pitfalls that await you at every turn. Learn from the experience of a seasoned EVE veteran.

Starting with the more easily accessible career choices and moving on to the careers only available to the experienced capsuleers, this book takes you step-by-step as your story unfolds. Help determine the path of EVE by taking on careers like Mining and Manufacturing, the backbone of New Eden or help your empire rise above the rest by Running Missions for the corporations of your empire. The ISK Making Guide to EVE Online gives you a jump start and walks you through every ISK making career choice.


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