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E-learning with Camtasia Studio

David B. Demyan

A step-by-step guide to producing high-quality, professional E-learning videos for effective screencasting and training
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849698665
Paperback188 pages

About This Book

  • Create planning and design documents to build an efficient eLearning development framework
  • Learn the key factors needed to deliver your videos and quizzes standalone or within a learning management system
  • Use the included instructions and sample project to create your own high-quality finished eLearning videos

Who This Book Is For

If you want to educate people using video learning techniques, this book is for you. Whether you are a teacher, a designer, or corporate learning staff and intend to deliver knowledge through videos, the exercises will benefit you, teaching the indispensable skills to produce and deliver effective educational content. No previous knowledge of Camtasia Studio or video production is required.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Course Development
The power of video teaching
What are my e-learning project goals?
What are the best techniques?
How can I assemble source materials?
What is an outline?
What is a storyboard?
What is a shot list?
The sample project
The templates and samples
Chapter 2: Planning the Project
What is a project plan?
Selecting the subject
Defining project scope
Setting project goals
Learner analysis
The project outline
Try it – create a project plan
Chapter 3: Creating the Script
Do I really need a script?
What is the appropriate tone?
What is included in the script?
How is the script used?
Chapter 4: Creating the Storyboard
Why do I need a storyboard?
What to include in the storyboard?
Reviewing the storyboard
Creating a shot list
Chapter 5: Recording Basics
Before recording
Recording audio and video simultaneously
Should I record audio first or video first?
Using Camtasia Recorder
Using the mouse properly
Using the shot list
Using Audacity to record audio
Using a virtual whiteboard and pen tablet
Chapter 6: Editing the Project
What is NLE?
Project samples
Importing media
Placing assets on the timeline
Using the timeline
Previewing the content
Task tabs
Laying out visuals
Laying out the audio tracks
Editing for timing
Using visual effects
Adding transitions
Inserting images
Using callouts
Using zoom and pan effects
Chapter 7: Quizzes and Interactions
Why include learner interactions?
Creating simple hotspots
Using the quiz feature
Scoring options
Publishing and testing
Publishing non-quiz interactions
Chapter 8: Deploying Your E-learning Video to the Web or LMS
Capturing the actions of learners
Hosting courses in an LMS
Using a Moodle-based LMS
Enterprise systems
Setting production options

What You Will Learn

  • Create a project plan that outlines all of the items needed to create an effective e-learning video
  • Produce a storyboard and audio script that defines the content of your video
  • Record video footage from the computer screen or other sources
  • Enhance the video with edits for timing, special effects, and audio
  • Add an effective quiz to measure users' understanding of the video content
  • Deliver the finished video, either as standalone or as part of a learning management system
  • Get started using the planning tools outlined in the book

In Detail

With the advent of powerful Internet streaming technologies and growing adoption of e-learning as a medium for learning, Camtasia Studio is proving effective as a tool to demonstrate tasks and concepts visually. It delivers a high level of professional quality, enhancing the effectiveness of e-learning videos and the prestige of the video author.

With this book, experts and new users alike will be led through a series of detailed tips and tutorials to design, record, edit, enhance, and deliver a stunning e-learning video that will work as a standalone or within a learning management system. By following through the examples, exercises, and screenshots in this book, you will gain thorough knowledge of creating and deploying your own video e-learning project in no time.


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