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Desire2Learn for Higher Education Cookbook

Brandon Ballentine

Gain expert knowledge of the tools within the Desire2Learn Learning Environment, maximize your productivity, and create online learning experiences with these easy-to-follow recipes with this book and ebook.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849693448
Paperback206 pages

About This Book

  • Customize the look and feel of your online course, integrate graphics and video, and become more productive using the learning environment's built-in assessment and collaboration tools
  • Recipes address real world challenges in clear and concise step-by-step instructions, which help you work your way through technical tasks with ease
  • Detailed instructions with screenshots to guide you through each task

Who This Book Is For

If you're familiar with D2L's basic tools but want to do more with your course, then this book is for you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Your Course Ready for a New Semester
Copying course materials from a previous semester
Importing a publisher's course cartridge
Changing many due dates from one screen
Double-checking everything from the student view
Configuring your web browser
Chapter 2: Personalizing Your Course
Using your profile to add personality
Customizing navbar links
Creating navigation groups
Customizing your homepage with background images
Using system variables to create customized content
Chapter 3: Getting Materials into Your Course
Outlining a new course using Course Builder
Reorganizing an existing course with Course Builder
Getting the existing Microsoft Word documents into your course
Working with PowerPoint presentations
Updating course files without deleting the original topics
Uploading folders to batch create course content
Adding content from the Learning Object Repository
Using Google Docs to allow multiple download formats
Chapter 4: Working with Multimedia
Finding Creative Commons licensed images
Embedding web videos
Working with YouTube playlists
Recording how-to videos with Jing
Recording and editing videos with YouTube
Creating audio files with Audacity
Chapter 5: Diving into HTML Code
Displaying external web content with frames
Using CSS to style content
Using Desire2Learn's accessible templates
Creating mobile-friendly content
Chapter 6: Managing Assessments
Streamlining the quiz creation process using quiz templates
Copying quiz questions to the question library
Giving students extra time on assessments
Deleting a student's quiz attempt
Using question feedback to help students learn
Using submission views and release conditions to create a learning experience
Submitting a quiz on behalf of a student
Minimizing cheating by randomizing questions and options
Correcting quiz questions
Chapter 7: Collaboration and Participation
Creating project/study groups
Posting content for specific groups
Creating a technical question forum
Setting up a review session with Google Hangouts
Facilitating collaborative note taking with Google Docs
Monitoring specific discussion topics using notifications
Monitoring participation
Setting up Intelligent Agents
Using the BCC field to keep the e-mail private
Chapter 8: Working with the Grades Tool
Dropping the lowest item in a gradebook category
Displaying an on-going total or mid-term report
Hiding grade items from students
Setting up your grades view to minimize scrolling
Creating a new letter grade scheme
Calculating and releasing final grades
Previewing grades from a student's perspective
Viewing grades for students who have withdrawn from a course
Exporting a backup copy of your grades

What You Will Learn

  • Copy course materials from another class or previous semester
  • Customize your course navigation bar
  • Create a visually appealing course theme
  • Quickly reorganize an existing course
  • Embed videos from YouTube and other websites
  • Create and display your own screencasts
  • Make your content more mobile-friendly
  • Streamline the quiz creation process
  • Archive a copy of your final grades
  • Monitor student participation

In Detail

Creating an engaging online or web-enhanced class in the Desire2Learn Learning Environment doesn't have to be difficult. The easy-to-follow recipes in this cookbook guide you through everything from getting your course ready for students to calculating final grades.

"Desire2Learn for Higher Education Cookbook" offers recipes that will help you set up, customize, and conduct your online courses -- whether you're new to the system or a seasoned D2L user. The recipes are written for version 10 of the learning suite, although many of the examples are also applicable for version 9.4.

The cookbook is organized around tasks that instructors address during a typical semester, starting with a basic course setup and working towards calculating final grades.

Early recipes focus on creating a personalized learning environment by helping you customize the look and feel of your course and its content. Other recipes in the cookbook teach you how to integrate your favorite multimedia and social networking sites. Later chapters offer recipes for productivity in several of the learning environment's tools.

"Desire2Learn for Higher Education Cookbook" is filled with screenshots and detailed steps to increase your productivity when working in the learning environment to create and facilitate your online courses.


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